Valentine’s Day recap (with bonus celebrities)

As we drove home from skipping practice yesterday, the youngest wanted to know what I got for Valentine’s Day.

She was most put out when I said “nothing” … other than a Valentine’s call from DD in the morning. I then muttered something about it being an over-commercialised blah blah something or other.

“That’s what Dad said too,” she sighed.

So SSF obviously didn’t score any sentimental booty either.

Although I do remember having many a romantic night out on February 14 in fancy restaurants during our lovey-dovey youth. Maybe it’s an age thing.

I’ve no idea why the youngest is so interested in Valentine’s Day. It’s not really on my radar, other than to collect Instagram pics of celebrities expressing their fleeting affection for each other. Ah, what an ephemeral thing celebrity affection is …

OK, OK, it can be pretty emphemeral in the real world too. Though a very nice bunch of long-stemmed roses arrived at the office yesterday for a long-term married workmate. She gave me the choccies that came with them, bless her … well, I was good for one day …

And on with the Instagram show …

DD’s suggestion for Song of the Day: Tim Minchin “I you really loved me”


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