Theoretically upset

On second thoughts, let’s start with the actually upsetting stuff and get to the theoretical distress later in the post.

Soooo … I took Charlie the Moodle to the vet for his yearly check up and the vet informed me he needs some sort of double knee replacement surgery that will cost $2600.

Genetic flaw in Moodles apparently.

Not the news my bank account needs right now.

Bizarrely it seems to be a similar complaint to the one my non-Moodle workmate Kathy is suffering from. Whenever she crosses her legs her knee clicks out of alignment and she goes white with pain for a few seconds until it clicks back into position.

I might get some advice from her about it today. Although I think hers was caused by too much netball in Dunlop Volleys as a teen rather than dodgy breeding practices.

I probably brought it all on myself by taunting the universe with jokes pre-appointment about the time the vet announced Charlie needed braces on his teeth.

True story… and not vet humour. Fortunately sanity prevailed and he just got a few teeth pulled instead.

Post depressing vet appointment I headed home to discover my computer had thrown a catastrophic hissy fit and clagged it. I got it working again but Google Chrome WILL NOT LOAD.

I probably have to reinstall it but I’m worried I will lose all my passwords. DD helpfully suggested I should have them all written down somewhere … which is no help at all right now, thanks DD.

That will teach me to be slack about taking up Pinky Poinker’s computer genius hubby on his offer to remotely check out my dodgy hardware.


Sooooo that’s they actual distress out of the way … onto the theoretical upset.

Valentine’s Day.

DD and I won’t be celebrating because we both have our kids tonight. Poor us …

Well, to be honest, I doubt we’d celebrate anyway, what with neither of us being super mushy and me not liking cut flowers and Valentine’s Day being a load of commercial codswallop.

But, theoretically, bummer. Mainly because I’ll take any excuse to sneak up to the Northern Beaches for a swim and a snog on the sand with bonus cider.

But, no. Thwarted.

In other news, yesterday I ate no junk, drank no booze, went for two walks and popped three evening primrose capsules.

Being healthy is such a bore. I’d be good at it if I just had to do it for 24 hours but you have to do it for MONTHS before you get less fat, cranky and lethargic.


Are you the self-restrained type?

Song of the day: imagine there’s a clip of Endless Love or something else suitably saccharine because I can’t be bothered trying to sort it on my iPhone. I’m an old-fashioned girl when it comes to hardware or software or whatever it is.

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