How did I not know that? (AKA Met Gala goss)

I don’t even know who I am any more. I happened to notice Met Gala pics were popping up in my Instagram feed and thought “there’s a nice, light diversion from what’s been a rather emotionally charged week behind the scenes at Housegoeshome.”

And I saw that JLo has been dating ARod for more than a month and I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT.

How did I not know that?

I mean WOW! Whoever ARod is …. I think he’s a sports star. Let me just check …

He’s a baseball star. And he’s dated everyone from Madonna to Cameron Diaz. And Jennifer made her first public appearance with him at the Met Gala. Oooo-er!

How did I miss that??? Until a year ago I knew everything that happened to anyone famous before their own mothers did.

I think it’s a sign that my love affair with all things celeb is definitely on the wane. I was far more excited by the Woolworths Q3 results yesterday with their 2.3% sales rise for Endeavour Drinks Group.

Erm … actually, again, I don’t even know who I am any more.

But back to the Met Ball. It’s the biggest event on the celebrity fashion calendar, even bigger than the Oscars. It raises money for New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The theme for 2017’s theme honoured one of the fashion world’s most beloved and singular living designers, Comme des Garcons’ Rei Kawakubo. Kawakubo is famed for his whimsical, structured, larger-than-life and colourful clothes (a polite way of saying “weird stuff no one wears in real life”).

I’m not sure how Kendall Jenner fitted in with the theme – she was practically naked in a g-string dress (probably to draw attention away from the Fyfe music festival in the Bahamas that she promoted last weekend that went totally pear-shaped).

Actually, maybe it was Kylie who did that … I get them confused.

La Perla creative director Julia Haart – who was responsible for the “frock” said the “entire gown is made from one piece of string”.

“It’s a very strong, very flexible, incredibly thin piece of nylon, and we’ve strung 85,000 crystals onto it,” Haart told Elle.

In other out-there moments, Jaden Smith (son of Will) carried his recently shorn dreadlocks in his hands like a clutch as he walked the red carpet.

“I think Jaden Smith carrying his cut-off hair in his hands as an accessory wins the avant-garde prize of the #metgala night so far,” posted New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman.

And I think the youngest – who watches around two hours of Full House a day will be awed by the strange appearance of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the gala when I show her.

Anyways, here are the Insta happy snaps. And I’ll get all deep and meaningful with you again tomorrow …


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