He’ll walk to the ends of the earth for you

It was Father’s Day in the US and UK yesterday – my Instagram feed was flooded with cute snapshots.

My favourites were the celebrity mums who gave shout outs to the baby daddies who are no longer their partners.

Among those who tagged their exes with sweet messages were Drew Barrymore, Christie Brinkley, Elizabeth Hurley and Naomi Watts.

I think it’s wonderful that people can put their kids first when a relationship ends.

Sadly, there are many bitter parents who can’t.

I have friends who’ve suffered terribly at the hands of exes who’ve chosen to be vindictive.

It’s not a gender specific trait. Women and men can be equally cruel when a relationship end and kids are involved.

I am so sad for my friend Jodie, for example, who has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to try and reestablish contact with her son in Jordan.

She writes on her GoFundMe page: “I left Jordan 2 years ago to return to Australia for a month. Once I got back, my ex husband refused to let me go back to Jordan to be with my son, Laith. He was 6 at the time. I need to be able to fight for my parental rights in Jordan. My baby is growing up in a foreign country without his Mum. I did not go public until I tried EVERYTHING! I have missed two birthday’s with Laith. He is 8 now. He needs his Mum. I am raising funds to fight. Parent alienation is cruel and has almost killed me, more than once. The saddest part is for Laith. He was extremely attached to me. He deserves to have me in his life. I don’t know what he thinks happened to his Mum.”

Such a heartbreaking situation.

No one expects you to be best friends with your ex when you break up. But, unless you fear for your child’s safety, it’s so much better if you can find a way to co-parent effectively. Putting your kids in the middle of conflict is awful.

My heart goes out to parents who want to make things easier but have an obstructive ex.

I don’t love my ex any more, but my kids do. He’s an awesome dad and I would never want to damage their relationship with him. He feels the same way. So we put in the effort to make it work.

On a fluffier note, here are lots of cute celebrity Father’s Day pics:


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