Celebs defy Cannes Film Festival selfie ban

The “selfie” has been loudly decried at the Cannes Film Festival, which is currently raging in the South of France and crammed with every celebrity and their dog …

(Unlike Queensland, where Johnny Depp took his Yorkshire terriers and discovered they’d be euthanized if he didn’t send them home STAT. He reportedly spent $400,000 flying them back to LA in a private jet. Ah, stars, they’re just like us. Not.)

Cannes Film Festival director Thierry Frémaux declared an unofficial ban on “selfies”, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “You never look as ugly as you do in a selfie.”

He called them “ridiculous and grotesque” and added: “We don’t want to prohibit it, but we want to slow down the process of selfies on the steps.”

Last week, French film star Catherine Deneuve claimed it was not possible for modern audiences “to dream any more” about the stars on the screen because of the selfie craze. “Being a star entails glamour and secrecy,” she said in Cannes. “You have to keep something for yourself. You shouldn’t display everything of your private life. You see so many pictures, so many images – it’s hard to keep some degree of mystery.”

By the look of my Instagram feed, no one seemed to pay much attention to Thierry or Catherine. Here are some of the snaps they’ve shared (I think they’re quite fun, I don’t need an air of mystery around my celebs) (As per usual, click on one of the pics to bring them up as a gallery to flick through) (And that’s Naomi Watts with her kids sitting on her dress – cute!):


Song of the day: Right Said Fred “I’m too sexy”


3 thoughts on “Celebs defy Cannes Film Festival selfie ban

  1. I love celebrity selfies – and I don’t think they take away from the glamour, or even the mystery of celebrities; in most cases we are only going to see what they want us to see – social media just means we see more now than we did in the “golden age of Hollywood”. The fans enjoy it and I think it fosters more engagement (to a point) with the stars, which makes them more popular (again to a point – beware over-saturation). I couldn’t make it to Cannes this year, but I took plenty of selfies with celebrities at Madame Taussaud’s over the weekend!

      • Yes, Madame Taussaud’s is great! You could be in there for hours. The girls will love it I’m sure. Although beware the Alfred Hitchcock figure. Behind him is a shower curtain and I didn’t really notice it at first as I was too distracted by Audrey Hepburn a few metres away sitting at a breakfast table. My son wandered behind the shower curtain (his dad was with him) but there was an audio of the scream from Psycho and a silhouette of Norman Bates with knife as I discovered later. No warning signs were apparent. My son emerged as white as the shower curtain and had trouble sleeping for several days afterwards. I should have been paying more attention instead of getting selfies with wax Audrey Hepburn.

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