My week: modern family life

It’s funny the little things that float my boat as I descend into middle age.

I was soooooo excited to discover Bonds tracksuit pants at my local Woolies and couldn’t resist slipping a pair into my trolley.

There was a whole display of leisure wear …. I almost bought gym pants, a T-shirt and a hoodie too. But I put them back on the shelf with a stern reminder that I’m BROKE and can’t afford them even if they are only $15 each.

But those trakkie daks were a must-buy, penury or no penury. I chucked all my old pairs when I moved because they were miles too big (they were my favoured attire pre-divorce diet … I think I’d given up on life) and I’ve been missing their comfort during this icy autumn.

I’m so enamoured with my new “skinny-fit” pair that I even wore them to yum cha with the ex and the kids yesterday. I figure I don’t need to look all glammy for the ex since I’ve no desire to show him what he’s missing.

An old workmate who came over to say “hi!” looked a little startled when I introduced her to my ex … she’s probably wondering if we’ve reconciled. Nah, he headed off to a wedding with the kids and his girlfriend after dropping me home.

The youngest wanted to know why I couldn’t come to the wedding too … and it hardly made my heart hurt at all to say: “Oh, sweets, I wasn’t invited.”

Modern families, eh?

Anyways …. yum cha really hit the spot because I was feeling a little seedy after attending my first-ever dance party the night before. Those spring rolls and fried noodles went down an absolute treat.

The ex and I were also absolutely delighted to watch the youngest’s school assembly performance this week, a Bollywood extravaganza … Watching her happy little face on the stage filled me with joy. Here’s a snippet of it …

As for the rest of the week …

At HouseGoesHome:


>> Monday was all about how the stars celebrated Mother’s Day. Plus I shared my dumbed-down recipe version of Digging In The Dirt from Masterchef.

>> Tuesday was all about a real-life love story between a rat and a dog, called My Kind of Love Rat.

>> On Wednesday I confessed to Temptations in Tinder-land.

>> Thursday got a little tense – I was VERY cross about some stupid remarks made in Fairfax publications about domestic violence being 50% the female partner’s fault. 

>> On Friday I mused on The Politics of Pubic Hair, and a surprising number of people went public with their opinions on social media and the blog.

>> And on Saturday I was a Hot, Sticky Mess after going to my first-ever dance party.

Over at Kidspot:

>> Ever parented a fussy toddler? Watch this clip and feel Reese’s pain …

>> An iPhone photo saved this little boy’s life by detecting his cancer.

>> Grandmothers are meant to be loving influences in families, but Joyce Gerrard’s punishment for her granddaughter sneaking a chocolate bar killed her.

>> So. Much. Cuteness! Megan Gale’s bub turns 1 >>

>> She didn’t even realise she was pregnant until she gave birth on a flight to Tokyo

>> Hamish Blake’s son turns one – these pics are adorable! Mum Zoe makes a mean birthday cake, too.>>

>> Lost mum drinks own breastmilk to survive >>

>> From wildly over-the-top to sweetly down-to-earth – take a look at how celebrities marked Mother’s Day >>

How was your week? 

Song of the day: M People “Movin’ on up”


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