I want my baby back

Thursday mornings are a strange beast. I wake up alone in a silent house with no school lunches or work commute to make. No kids, no work … the day stretches before me like a gift. But sometimes I want a refund. Today is one of those days. I miss the tousled blonde staggering out […]

I’m not good at sharing

It’s supposed to be one of those admirable traits we teach our children, but I’ve realised there’s something I’m not good at sharing … THEM. My ex’s girlfriend – SSF – is becoming an increasingly open presence in his world and therefore my kids’ lives. At first the girls were strangely silent about their dad’s […]

How old do you feel?

I can’t quite believe I’m three years shy of 50. I still think – and act – like I’m 35. I spot my wrinkles in the mirror sometimes and think “Hang on – who the hell is that?” I certainly don’t feel almost 50, even though I complain about “descending into middle-age” and embracing trakkie […]

20 awesome leftovers recipes

Where do you stand on leftovers? It’s a topic that’s more polarising than a Kardashian wedding. Some people have the absolute horrors at the mere thought of eating old food and insist upon throwing all their dinner remains out. I don’t get it. I love ’em. Always have. My favourite brekkie in my hungover youth […]

Celebs defy Cannes Film Festival selfie ban

The “selfie” has been loudly decried at the Cannes Film Festival, which is currently raging in the South of France and crammed with every celebrity and their dog … (Unlike Queensland, where Johnny Depp took his Yorkshire terriers and discovered they’d be euthanized if he didn’t send them home STAT. He reportedly spent $400,000 flying […]

My week: modern family life

It’s funny the little things that float my boat as I descend into middle age. I was soooooo excited to discover Bonds tracksuit pants at my local Woolies and couldn’t resist slipping a pair into my trolley. There was a whole display of leisure wear …. I almost bought gym pants, a T-shirt and a […]

Hot, sticky mess

Things got messy last night. And hot. And sticky. And this little Cinderella didn’t tumble into bed until 1.30am … I went to something called Hot Dub Time Machine. It was awesome. You might even say it was bulk fun. OK, you’d definitely say it was bulk fun between 10pm and 11.30pm. That was one […]

I am appalled by this woman

Yesterday … it wasn’t good. Something distressing from my past came back to haunt me and something in my future laid me low. I cursed the unfairness of life on my train journey home, wondering yet again why I was the only person who DOESN’T get away with blue murder. Instead I’m the sucker who’s […]

Temptations in Tinder-land

Tinder is a funny old place. It’s such a superficial way to decide if someone has potential as a partner: swiping left or right based on their appearance a photograph. I never really took to it. Kerri Sackville wrote a very amusing piece about the Tinder photo palaver at the SMH: The men who post […]