My week: facing the cold, hard facts


The past few days have been filled with pics and anecdotes from DD’s trip to Chicago. He’s been sipping Oregon pinot noir in bars and going to see jazz bands in clubs and generally having an awesome time.

Guess how often I’ve thought “damn, I was almost there too”?

Yep … then times it by 20.


Instead of sipping Oregon pinot noir, I’ve been staring bleakly at my bank account, subtracting my next mortgage repayment and calculating how many days until I get paid again and going “hmmmmm.”

I bought a couple of lottery tickets yesterday, but I think a full-time job is where destiny is taking me.

And I can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up. It’s a little daunting.

What do I want to do with my next 15 years in the workforce?

I feel a bit like Deep Thought calculating the meaning of life. Please don’t let it take seven and a half million years …

Meanwhile, on the it shouldn’t entertain me quite so much front … DD left his car in my front yard before he flew out, which made my ex think – and hopefully panic slightly – that he was about to meet my bloke for the first time when he came to pick up the kids yesterday (they’ve gone to a birthday party in Newcastle).

My ex doesn’t know anything about DD other than his name. Not discussing our partners is one of the unspoken ways we keep things civil.

However, when DD didn’t appear during the kid handover, my ex finally asked: “Is he hiding in a bush?”

I laughed gaily and casually replied: “Nah, he’s at an oncology conference in Chicago. He just left his car at my place.”

OK, just a few more details than strictly necessary …

Here’s what else happened at HouseGoesHome:


>> On Monday I announced that bedroom gymnastics were cancelled.

>> On Tuesday I griped about what I wouldn’t be doing on the long weekend. Plus. there was a gallery of pics of celebs enjoying their Memorial Day break.

>> On Wednesday there was a broken heart in the Household … but I made an absolutely brilliant slow-cooker beef curry.

>> On Thursday I wrote about the love that inextricably binds me to my ex-husband.

>> On Friday I revealed I’d almost flown to Chicago on the spur of the moment … and the heart palpitations it gave me.

>> And Saturday was all about my prima donna foxie.

And, over at Kidspot:

Here are a few of my stories …

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>> Would you trade your eggs for a holiday in the Greek Islands?

>> Through 17 hours of sheer terror they sought solace in each other – but only one would come out alive. See what this new mum did to honour her best friend who lost her life in the Lindt Cafe siege >>

How was your week?

Song of the day: Pearl Jam “I won’t back down”

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