Things I WON’T be doing this long weekend

Do you look forward to long weekends?

When you’re a journalist, they’re a bit meh. Journalists – newspaper ones especially – work on public holidays. News waits for no man’s getaway, it’s just other day in the office.

Long weekends are even more meh for me these days because my ex has the kids every Sunday and Monday.

Happy holiday!

And then there’s the whole empty bank account thing.

Boo hiss.

I shouldn’t complain. I lead a very trippy life until recent years. My country count is respectably high, including Britain, United States, the Seychelles, Mexico, Fiji, Tahiti, Singapore, France, Spain and Turkey.

Poor me, eh?

Not that I’d consider any of those countries for a long weekend. Far too long on a plane. Well, maybe Singapore. I’ll endure just about anything for a luscious plate of roti canai or char kway teow.

Closer to home, I’ve been fantasising about destinations for my digital detox. But it’s such a downer. Accommodation – unless you’re staying in some dodgy pub with share bathrooms – runs at around $200 a night on average and that’s before you put petrol in the car and food in your belly.

Where does all the money come from? Those Wotif deals seem to be going like hotcakes.

At this rate I’ll be camping. And I PASSIONATELY DETEST camping … almost as much as I hate backpacking.

Should I somehow manage to get my tax return done (there’s the small matter of not having submitted it yet, but anyways) and score a refund cheque, I’m pondering a couple of nights in the Hunter Valley (UPDATE: I just got an email from Destination NSW suggesting I include this link for anyone considering a Hunter escape).

Erm … I’m beginnning to think I should have called this blog “Enough with the middle class whingeing.”

It reminds me of a recent blog post by former Madison magazine editor Lizzie Renkert, who has struggled to make ends meet since her retrenchment and bemoaned: “So I find myself in a situation that I never thought I’d be in in my 40th year. I am broke. I am watching friends go on incredible family holidays, upgrading their cars, buying the latest bags and shoes that I once coveted, but this just isn’t on the cards for me anymore.”

I got a bit eye-rolly at that point. Awwwww, damn, no more designer bags and shoes for poor Lizzy. As one commenter snarked: “Cry me a river princess!! Welcome to reality!!” But the truth is that I secretly feel her pain a little too keenly. I also mourn the days of fancy hotel junkets and snapping up Marc by Marc Jacobs boots on sale at Shopbop.

Woe is the lower-middle-class life of a former magazine editor who now has to pay for her own holidays instead of getting freebies … but can’t.

Speaking of holidays, the US is celebraing the Memorial Day long weekend. It’s kinda like Anzac Day and is for remembering Americans who died serving their country. Here’s how celebs are marking the occasion …

10 thoughts on “Things I WON’T be doing this long weekend

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  1. Check out…e.g. 3 nights in Sunshine Coast Hinterland cabin for $399. Or for bargain short breaks. Perfect middle-class opportunities! 😏

    1. Thanks for the “our deal” stuff Geoff – problem is I want to go during school hols … cause that’s when I don’t have the kids. Most expensive time, sigh

  2. Whinge away! I think it is all relative to our experience. Any change in our situation takes some adjusting and talking it through with friends is the best therapy. I’ve got my cup of coffee, so if you have yours, then that is what we have just done…. 🙂 You will work it out. Some fabulous person will lend you their holiday house for a weekend I am sure. Just wait, it’s coming your way…. 🙂

  3. We’ve never had much disposable income so going away has always been few and far between. I think it hurts a lot less when you’ve never had it to give it up. Now if we can get away occasionally it’s an exciting big deal.

  4. Because of my husband’s business we can afford to have these fab weekends of which you speak but we don’t … because of my husband’s business.

  5. Airbnb! I can’t rave about it enough – I always only go for having the whole place to myself, and if you search you can find amazing deals just about anywhere! I stayed in a fully functional and lovely apartment next to the Arc de Triomphe for $80 AUD a night! My boyfriend went to Japan but wanted a guide so stayed for around $50 AUD in Tokyo and had a lovely lady who showed him around and offered to teach him Japanese flower arranging… which he kindly declined. There are some real gems!
    Good luck – being on your own for holidays sucks, but thank goodness for pets!

    1. A few people have raved about Airbnb, I’ve written about it for work and done a bit of New York dreaming on the site, but never done it myself. Sounds like great value. Thanks Jordi.

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