I’m not quite sure how I forgot, but I did.

I’m about to head off to Luna Park at this ungodly hour for a work function and I totally forgot about writing a blog post.

Ah well. I’ll live. You’ll live.

I thought I’d better check in though, after being a bit maudlin yesterday. Wouldn’t want you to worry about me.

All is good. Well, fair to middling, other than the sparrow’s fart work function bit.

Actually, it’s a bit of a week for functions. I have another work thingy that goes until 9pm on Wednesday night, then an end-of-year school band “spectacular” on Thursday night.

I wish I’d remembered it all before I did a mega grocery shop at Woolies on Sunday, dammit.

Ah well. The pork belly roast can wait until Friday night. Actually, anyone got any recipe tips for it? I’m a first-timer …





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