Waking up alone

I hate waking up alone in my childless house. Hate it.

Every second week, I face the silence on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

I find the business of living much tougher on those mornings.

If you’re parenting seven days a week, you probably fantasise about waking up to an empty house. It would be a lovely novelty if it happened occasionally, but the regularity is crushing.

My heart breaks for any parent who has been estranged from their children by a vindictive ex. The thought of waking up EVERY morning to an empty house must be so, so painful. I can’t even begin to imagine it.

That said, don’t feel too sorry for me because I had a pretty fantabulously awesome weekend once I got my self-pitying weep out of the way on Saturday morning.

Actually, let me back track to Friday night, when the fun really began.

DD flew home from a week of lectures about lung cancer to my demands we celebrate World Champagne Day. He realised he was also committed to seeing a performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, so we combined both. We parked at this funny hotel called the Sir Stamford, wandered past some random stuffed wombats in the lobby and sat in their retro bar drinking glasses of Mumm. I asked for two flutes of “Moom”, which is the way I thought you were supposed to pronounce it*, but the waiter looked at me blankly for a moment before saying “Oh, yer mean the Muh-m?”

Yes thanks.

The performance at the Con was quite something. It started with a guy painting a canvas red, then leaving us “watching paint dry” while another guy stuck his face in a bowl of water for 60 seconds. And it just got better from there. I was beside myself with glee.

On Saturday the world became even more tiny when my friend Emily mentioned during our weekly walk that her dad was bidding on a sandstone property in Hunters Hill that morning. I said I’d give sandstone a miss, too much trouble. She said it was an apartment in a block of four and I said I hoped it wasn’t in Mount Street. And she said it was. And I said I hoped it wasn’t 5 Mount Street. And she said it was. And it was MY OLD APARTMENT. Ermagerd don’t you think that’s totally freaky?!?

It went for $2.2million. (Not to my friend’s dad.) Fark!

It looks much, much different to when I owned it.

Here are the before shots:


Here are the after shots:

Whoa, huh?

That afternoon, DD and I watched a pod of whales frollicking offshore at Avalon, then headed to The Tinnie Party – a fundraiser in the street outside a brewery called Modus Operandi featuring all these craft beer stalls. I got to show off my booze knowledge when DD ordered a Sly Fox from Feral Brewing, telling the bloke running the stall: “Oh, you guys came second in the Beer Cartel craft beer survey recently!”

A band called Jester – featuring DD’s son – played a great set, including a rollicking rendition of Sex Machine, which DD said is actually pretty difficult to play. It was bulk fun.

And then we headed to a nearby bar, where we tried to outdo each other with taking the best photo of our wine for my work Instagram account. Modern love.

My photo:

His photo:

I told DD about a funny video called Instagram Husbands. He said he empathised, but the truth is I think he secretly likes it.

On Sunday we saw Blade Runner 2049 with some friends. I’d been really looking forward to it, but I really didn’t like it. Well, aside from Harrison Ford, who was excellent. It was arduous and bleak.

We sat in a bar afterwards to recover, nibbling fried squid and sipping wine. Then it was time to be dropped back to my dark, empty house.

And I woke up alone and searched for the energy to rise and face the day.

Still searching …

Here are some pics from the weekend, click on the first one to open the gallery and get explanations of them all (because you’ll need them for lots of them!):



Hope you had a fun weekend too!

* I’ve since checked and here is how you pronounce the various champagne names, interesting:

  • Dom Pérignon  Dom Peh-ree-nyon (“g” isn’t pronounced) 
  • Veuve Clicquot – Verv Kli-koh (not voov)
  • Deutz – dirts (French pronunciation with a soft “r”)
  • Ruinart – Rwee-nar (not ruin-art)
  • Piper-Heidsieck – Pee-pay Ed-sick
  • Mumm – Moom / Mewm (with a short “u” sound)
  • Pol Roger – Pol Roh-jeh (soft “j”)
  • Louis Roederer – Loo-wee Row-ed-er-ey
  • Bollinger – Bol-an-jey (soft “j”)
  • Moët et Chandon – Moh-et et Chan-dawn (not mo-way)

8 thoughts on “Waking up alone

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  1. It sounds like you had a busy and sociable weekend though.

    I’ve not got children so am used to the quiet house thing, but often think having a partner (to do stuff with) would be nice. (Although you think I’d be used to that as well!)

    PS. That wasn’t meant to sound as pathetic as it does – in retrospect! 🙄

  2. Yes, must be very hard to wake up knowing your children are somewhere else (even though they are safe with their father). I found out this week that the Thai masseur I’ve been going to for a year has an 8 yo and 15 yo she hasn’t seen for 3 years because they’re back in Thailand. Just too horrible to contemplate. Feel like one of those men going to a sex slave not caring about their circumstances. Will try to help but there are obviously lots of women like this around the world.

    1. When we lived in Singapore we had a cleaner – as we couldn’t get our heads around the idea of a live-in maid – and we constantly dreamed about whether there was some way to get her to Australia with her son, as she was in a similar situation. It broke our hearts.

  3. That must be tough waking up to an empty house. I do dream about it but that is because my house is full but I know that if it wasn’t full I would hate it.

    Like your friend above I remember being on the cruise earlier this year and a lot of the crew had been cruising for 10-15yrs and the two ppl that were our dining room staff one goes home to the Phillipines for 1mth a yr and that is all the time he has spent with his family for the last 20yrs!!! The other lady who was just gorgeous has a son the same age as our son (15) and her mother has raised him and his brother because she has been on a cruise working since he was 2 to send really good money home so that her children could have the best education. I can’t even imagine not being able to talk to my kids (mainly because she was working when they were awake and not at school and they were sleeping when she had time to call). I just can’t even imagine that.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! When the new nano-brew opens down here in the Gong you and DD will need to spend a weekend in the Gong! Oh I may have the inside running on that nano-brew because it is one of my great mates!

    1. It was a similar situation when I was working in Singapore – all the maids from Indonesia and the Phillipines were lucky to see their kids once a year. Lucky you having a nano-brewer as a mate!

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