Don’t panic

Oddly enough, despite spewing my private life onto the internet each day via my blog, I’m actually a shy, retiring flower at heart. Talking to strangers, putting myself out there, exposing my “true” self – even to those closest to me – fills me with absolute terror. I’ve treated most of my adult life like […]

I’ve had enough

Please don’t click on links that are publishing paparazzi pics of Milo. Here’s a personal pic instead. — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) February 17, 2014 There’s a gathering storm in Hollywood and it’s raining on the paparazzi’s parade. I want to hide all their umbrellas … are you with me? As the Seattle Post reports: Alyssa Milano […]

My week: A bedazzled potty, bogan blow-ups and putting my foot in it (yet again)

I started the week on my soapbox, all agitated because a woman called Renee wrote a letter to Fairfax condemning pleas for more after-school care: “Funny that it is the north shore than has the biggest problems. I expect that is because both parents are working to afford the huge mortgage, or because they both […]