Mistaken for DD’s stalker


I’ve done some crazy stuff in my time: dined with Kylie Minogue nattered to a naked Alyssa Milano (oh, AND a kit-less Hugh Jackman),  been hit on (kind of) by Portia De Rossi,  straddled a dyke’s bike in Mardi Gras, judged the Miss Nude Australia contest, spent an hour being screamed at by Anthony LaPaglia

And I’ve told you about the time I was mistaken for David Duchovny’s Aussie sex stalker … haven’t I?


It was waaaaay back in the ’90s when I was the production editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. My office was plastered with pictures of The X-Files star and I was just a little bit crazed about him, despite being in a relationship with my ex at the time.
The then-editor of Woman’s Day called me one day and said she’d had a tip-off that I was the Aussie fan who’d been sending David sexually explicit jigsaw puzzles.
And it wasn’t April Fool’s Day.
Yes, I’d fantasised about meeting David and us falling madly in love with each other at first sight … I’m not sure what happened to my ex in this scenario … Yes, I’d dreamed about walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes as his date …
I may even have contemplated going on holidays to Vancouver – where The X-Files was filmed – in the hope of running into him … but I had NOT been sending him sexually explicit jigsaw puzzles.
I still think David Duchovny is rather delicious. His last TV series, Californication, had some VERY funny moments … and lots of sexy ones featuring him NAKED.
I was at a local bookshop recently when I noticed he’d written a book. I was kinda tempted to buy it until I saw it was about a cow who undergoes an existential awakening.
He’s also got an album coming out. I MAY buy that. There’s a very funny article about it on Jezebel. Click here to read it.
The author, Madeleine Davies, obviously shares my appreciation for David’s talents.
ANYWAYS … I got a little startled when I belatedly realised I’d given my one-and-only-date-on-RSVP-now-squeeze – DD – David Duchovny’s initials. Total coincidence, I swear.
But it’s kinda spooky, don’t you reckon? I think the universe is trying to tell me something …
Have you ever had a celebrity crush?
Song of the day: Bree Sharp “David Duchovny” (oh my gawd, the cameos in this are AMAZING)

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