Such a pain

Oddly, day two after my fibroid embolisation was tougher than day one.

I was in quite a lot of pain and Nurofen wasn’t really cutting it.

Cue a wan Alana who was VERY prone to tears.

It reminded that I’m on my own. Well, there are lots of people around – I’ve had so many lovely offers of help – but there’s no one at home to take care of you.

Oh, it’s not all doom and gloom – my ex has brought the kids to visit me twice and DD took me out for brekkie at Ripples yesterday.

Such a beautiful spot for brekkie.

Such a beautiful spot for brekkie.

His cousin is visiting from Hong Kong for a few days so he’s been taking her sightseeing and relative visiting. They collected me for some incredibly picturesque poached eggs with a side order of Nurofen.

And my sister made me dinner last night.

But I wake up in the middle of the night – and in the morning – in pain and alone, aside from two fur babies waiting to share the couch with their human …


Poor me.

Freddie better do the right thing and eff of or I will be VERY annoyed.

A big hug to anyone else out there who’s doing it on their own.

I feel your pain.


6 thoughts on “Such a pain

  1. It sounds really tough. I’m sorry that you’re having to go through it alone. But I figure that, as miserable as the pain is, it means that something’s happening. Freddie’s complaining about being strangled to death. It’s just a pity that his death doesn’t happen as quickly as the ones I see on Dexter.

  2. hugs if i was closer I would come and stay (if for no other reason than so I could escape my own pain and kids!) feel better soon. xoxo

  3. Many years ago when I was a single mother of five kids under 12, I had a thing removed from underneath an eyelid. My ex had the kids and I couldn’t see out of either eyes because if you move one eye the other moves too and it was agony. All I had for pain relief was half a bottle of wine and two Mersyndols. I couldn’t drive myself anywhere to get anything else. Because I was half blind I knocked the wine over and wound up crying myself to sleep. Be strong girlfriend. This too shall pass.

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