Celebrating Christmas

How does your family celebrate Christmas?

It’s traditional for the extended HouseGoesHome clan to kick off their festivities at Balmoral Beach with fish and chips on Christmas Eve.

The sporty members of the family hit the sand for beach games while the more sedentary members sip champagne in folding chairs under a nice, shady tree.

I used the excuse – this year – of my fibroid operation to stay firmly seated. A little suncreen might have been a good idea … ouch. I figured I was under that bloody tree … I really need to be supervised with sunscreen like a child.

Afterwards, the eldest and I left the youngest to her energetic beach games with Pop and cousin James while we took Nonna to meet DD’s clan.

Favourite moment of the visit: when DD’s sister asked if the eldest was my brother or son … er, she’s my daughter. Cue embarrassed silence …

Nonna, however, was soooooooo excited that someone might think she’d given birth to the eldest … she felt VERY young.

Then it was back to my sister’s for more champagne and nibbles before I tottered home for extensive, last-minute gift wrapping.

Not as last-minute as DD, who posted on Facebook on Christmas morning: “Wishing everyone (wherever you are) a very merry and safe Christmas and a wonderful 2016. And now to finish wrapping presents …..!!”

The eldest, who usually sleeps until 9am, was first up on Christmas morning at 6.10am, closely followed by the youngest at 6.15am.

Much pacing followed as they waited for their dad to arrive at 7.30am so they could disembowel their Santa sacks and open their presents from their mum and dad.

The eldest’s favourite gifts: her laptop for high school and a pair of virtual reality goggles.

The youngest’s favourite gifts: her Fitbit and a badminton set.

They really are VERY different children.

Then we scoffed bowls of berries with chocolate cream and my ex headed off to work.

The kids and I drove to my sister’s place for more extravagant gift opening, with DD turning up in a scruffy Santa suit that made me giggle when I opened the front door.

DD and I took a quick dip in my sister’s spa, then I made another lightning trip to his family Christmas to exchange gifts. His mum gave me the loveliest hug, I’ve struck it quite lucky with his relatives, they’re a top bunch.

The lunch spread at my sister’s included a turkey I’d roasted earlier (with the yummiest gingerbread stuffing), a ham my sister glazed and baked, Balmain bugs and scampi my brother-in-law barbecued, prawns, oysters and salads. Yuuuuuuuum.

Then I staggered home for a little nap … partly because I was exhausted post-op and partly to avoid playing badminton with the youngest.

However, badminton wasn’t to be avoided, so I ended up cursing in the backyard erecting the bloody thing, then tried not to dart around too much to ensure my femoral artery – where they inserted the wire to block the blood supply to Freddie – didn’t burst open.

And that was my Christmas. Not quite enough DD, but definitely enough food and pressies!

Here are a few pics from the festivities …


Hope you had a fun one too!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas

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  1. It all sounds divine – I love so much about this. The Christmas Eve at the beach, your ex arriving for present opening for the kids (LOVE the eldest’s presents), DD in the scruffy Santa suit, the hug from his mum, the food, and I think you’re amazing to even attempt the badminton! So glad you’re feeling better and that it was a Merry Christmas for you and the family. Mine wasn’t so festive, and also, I was like DD still wrapping presents on Christmas Day. We’re moving in two weeks – eek!

  2. It’s those little Christmas traditions that make Christmas special. Like fish and chips on the beach the night before. And cricket.How Aussie!

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