Unexpected joy

I wanted to do boring things yesterday, like shop for groceries and tidy up the house.

My fridge is bare and my floors are filthy.

But DD wanted to take his family on one of his favourite adventures – the ferry from Palm Beach to Ettalong. And he was keen for me to join the gang, which included his mum, four rambunctious little boys and his brother, who’s been visiting from England for six months and heads home on January 2.

I’m so glad he talked me into it. He’s right, that ferry ride is all sorts of awesome.

The first time we did it there were dolphins frolicking around the ferry. This time there were people kite sailing, flying 10 metres into the air in the strong winds, and a trio of pelicans flying alongside the boat.

Not to mention lots of glorious scenery in between and spontaneous bursts of laughter and excitement as the ferry crashed through the high waves and sea spray scattered over us.

I took lots of photos and had a glorious time, though I will admit our lunch at the Ettalong Diggers was a bit intense. Soooooo many people, soooooo much noise, soooo much panic about momentarily losing one of the kids and whether we’d make it back to the ferry in time.

But not a bad porterhouse steak with bernaise sauce.

I love a steak with bernaise sauce.  Mmmmmmm.

I also love posting photographs on Instagram of my travels. I’m quite the fan of funny camera angles. It freaked DD’s cousin out when she was visiting and asked me to take a photo of her. She walked over and straightened the phone for me – I pointed out that I had it on an angle on purpose. Straight photos are such a yawn.

Since I don’t have many followers on Instagram (other than a disturbing number of the nine-year-old’s friends, who keep “liking” my photographs of alcohol and hotel rooms) I thought I’d share some of my favourite snaps from the day. Sorry there aren’t any “people” shots, I know they’re more fun.

Hope the holidays are treating you well too.

Song of the day: James Brown “I feel good”







4 thoughts on “Unexpected joy

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  1. It’s funny how a simple ferry ride can be so much fun. I did a really short one from Circular Quay to the zoo and back and enjoyed it so much. The simple pleasure of being on a boat, wind and water in my hair, looking at the gorgeous scenery. It was one of the highlights of my trip.

  2. We should all be making more time for fun. I’m the kind of person who has to be pulled away from “what needs to be done”. But actually, the things don’t always need to get done. It’s the fun times we’ll remember.

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