Such a pain

Oddly, day two after my fibroid embolisation was tougher than day one. I was in quite a lot of pain and Nurofen wasn’t really cutting it. Cue a wan Alana who was VERY prone to tears. It reminded that I’m on my own. Well, there are lots of people around – I’ve had so many […]

My ‘abnormal cardio event’

It’s scary having three nurses and two doctors crowd around your hospital bed at 1.30am on Saturday morning, announcing you’ve had an ‘abnormal cardio event.’ Why is nothing in my life is EVER straight forward? I had my fibroid embolisation procedure around lunchtime on Friday. It went really well, with me blithely chattering to the […]

How can it be over?

My eldest daughter finished primary school yesterday. I’m still in denial. I thought I would cry buckets, but I was too busy trying to spot her red hair in the crowd and capture the moment on camera. I might have to think about doing an Ed Sheeran and give up social media for a while […]

Middle-aged dating rocks

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy middle-aged dating quite so much. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to middle-aged date at all. I didn’t think I would meet anyone who would give me a buzz. And I really doubted my appeal to the opposite sex. So I find it quite remarkable that I went on ONE […]

The scary Santa man

I’ve been feeling a little forlorn about the youngest declaring that it’s the final year she’ll appear in a photo with Santa. Santa photos are a bit of a tradition in my family. My mum made sure every Christmas was documented on an old bloke’s lap. Actually, now that I look through the photo albums, […]

There will always be TMI

Someone was unsettled by me oversharing on the blog yesterday. And it got me thinking. They wrote on HouseGoesHome’s Facebook page: “I’m sorry you have medical issues and I don’t question your personal choice not to have a hysterectomy. I question why you’d share this news on FB.” I don’t know this woman. My blog must […]

I’ve broken some unspoken woman rule

It’s been fascinating to see how much disapproval I’ve attracted for NOT having a hysterectomy. Women are quite evangelical about them. My gyno is pretty giddy too. I have friends who went through hell prior to having their hysterectomies and are sooooooo grateful to finally have relief. That’s not me. My womb razing earlier this […]

Well this is a bit scary

Confession: I’m a bit panicked. Well, a bit more panicked than usual. I got a call from a specialist yesterday about Freddie the Fibroid. He called me on his mobile. His actual, personal mobile. I’m not used to specialists calling me on their mobiles. They usually work through receptionists. I mean – I could be […]