How can it be over?

My eldest daughter finished primary school yesterday.

I’m still in denial.

I thought I would cry buckets, but I was too busy trying to spot her red hair in the crowd and capture the moment on camera.

I might have to think about doing an Ed Sheeran and give up social media for a while …



And the photograph wasn’t for the blog or for Instagram or Facebook. It was for me. It feels like the sort of milestone that needs to be documented.

My daughter. Going to high school. How did that happen?

Yesterday afternoon her school did its annual clap-out for year 6. I adore the clap-out. The whole school and all the parents form a guard of honour through the playground for the kids who are departing to walk through. Little ones hug and high five the big kids as they walk through.

I’ve been watching it every year since the eldest started primary school … and blubbing as children I don’t even know make their way out the gates for the last time.

I held back tears as I drove to the school, but once I was there I wasn’t emotional at all. It was too fascinating by watching all the kids I’d seen grow from tiny kindergarteners walk out looking all grown up.

The eldest was a bit wonky. Not because she was emotional, but because she’s battling a cold after all the festivities around her formal last week. Since coming down with glandular fever over winter she’s lost all her stamina.

After clap-out, there were drinks and hijinks at the local bowling club.

I had to go home and work, so I missed most of the fun. But I ducked up for a couple of champers and nabbed a quick chitter chat with my ex about Christmas gifts.

A few people came up and congratulated us on being poster children for separating amicably. I think it made my ex a bit edgy, so he dodged off for a few beers with the blokes.

Eventually the poorly eldest hassled him into leaving early … and five seconds later DD materialised in front of me. He’d been texting to say he was out the front to pick me up, but I hadn’t noticed the messages!

If he’d turned up five minutes earlier he’d have scored his first meeting with my ex! We were meeting his friends for dinner, so I couldn’t show him off. Damn.

But yesterday wasn’t about my ex or DD, it was about my gorgeous eldest daughter.

I haven’t attended a single presentation ceremony for her the whole time she’s been at school. She’s not one for trophies and certificates.

I’m proud of her for entirely different reasons.

Her report card was filled with lots of “sounds” for maths, and a couple of “outstandings” for english, mainly driven by her vast vocabulary gathered from reading at least three hours a day.

But the bit I loved most was this …


I know I bang on about it, but getting “working beyond” for “displays actions and behaviours that consider the rights and feelings of others’ and “demonstrates fair play and can work as part of a team” gave me SUCH a buzz.

Bless her kind and thoughtful heart.

If she learned nothing else at primary school, I’m a very proud mamma.

Song of the day: Alice Cooper “School’s out”







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