Well this is a bit scary

My actual belly ... impressive, huh?

My actual belly … impressive, huh?

Confession: I’m a bit panicked.

Well, a bit more panicked than usual.

I got a call from a specialist yesterday about Freddie the Fibroid.

He called me on his mobile. His actual, personal mobile.

I’m not used to specialists calling me on their mobiles. They usually work through receptionists.

I mean – I could be a stalker. What doctor in his right mind gives out his personal mobile number to a strange woman with a dodgy womb?

But it’s lovely that he did. Such a nice, personal touch.

He’s spoken to me three times since and left messages letting me know I can call any time to discuss things further.

You see, I’ve decided on embolisation instead of a hysterectomy. It involves cutting off the blood supply to Freddie using a little wire threaded through an artery in my groin.

Why did I choose that option?

I just don’t fancy having major abdominal surgery. I coped (just) with my first two caesareans, but having another one to get some heartless lump plus my womb removed doesn’t appeal.

Not to mention the hell of not being able to take care of myself and my kids for weeks on end. And possibly not be able to work for six weeks.

With an embolisation I’m out of hospital in a day or two and back to work within a week.

My ex is going to work from home next Friday while I have the procedure and have the kids for the weekend so I can recover.

Marlene the retiree is going to mind the dogs for two nights.

DD is going to hold my hand.

All sorted.

So why am I panicking? Because everyone keeps emphasising how much it will hurt. I went through labour with the eldest, I’ve had two caesareans. I know what terrible pain feels like. But apparently this is different.

DD informed me over champagne at the Ovolo hotel the other night that it’s like having a heart attack. And the specialist yesterday said the same thing: angina in my womb.

Wow that sounds AWFUL.

They give you heaps of drugs for the first 24 hours then wean you off onto Panadol with the help of a “pain management team.”

I don’t like the sound of a “pain management team.”

I’m not stoic. When I called my ex to ask if he could have the kids while I’m in hospital he needlessly reminded me of the fact and that I tend to vomit a lot during surgical procedures.

Yes, yes, I know.

But hopefully, once I get through those horrible first 24 hours I’ll be OK.

Hopefully, in a few months, Freddie the fibroid will shrink to half its size. (The doctor’s success rate is 95%)

And hopefully, the blood supply to my ovaries isn’t cut off during the procedure and I don’t go through premature menopause. (It happens in 1-2% of cases.)

Deep breaths …




8 thoughts on “Well this is a bit scary

  1. Twenty four hours – you can do that. It’s just a day before the pain starts to improve. I’m going to be keeping my fingers crossed. Please write about every gory detail because this is the option I’ll be choosing if and when I have to do something about my huge uterus.

  2. Alana

    You can do this I know you can! Think of it this way the alternative is at least 6weeks of pain from recovery from a hysterectomy which is the same as the recovery from c-sect! Sure the pain will suck but in reality I know you can do this!

    Pfft to all the naysayers I know you have got it in you to get through this.

    Big hugs
    Cathy xoxo

  3. You can do this! It will be fine, from reading your post I say you’ve definitely chosen the best option. It’s the option I would choose. Remembering what the alternative (6 weeks recovery from a hysterectomy) would’ve been like, will help you through your recovery. The first 24 hours, you’ll have the pain relief and then each day you’ll heal a little more. Worth it in the end to shrink that Freddie!

  4. Wishing you the best of recovery. I am sure you made the right choice for yourself. I had 2 caesareans too (not by choice) and have never experienced labour. Funny thing is my 1st caesarean took me 2 days to recover and my 2nd took me 3 days and I was back on the school run. In and out of hospital in 2 days each time at my own insistence. I wish everyone could have the same recovery period. Take care and don’t be too hard on yourself trying to do too much.

    • I had an emergency caesarean after 24 hours labour with my first child. Recovery was hell. The second one was elective, and I agree with you, heaps easier to recover from. But everyone is different.

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