Hanging with the beautiful people

I don’t get invited out much, but a few travel PRs still think I work for escape.com.au … so when I got invited to the opening of the new Ovolo hotel at Woolloomooloo I said YES, YES, YES!

My mini-makeover came in very handy. I felt very glam with my tinted lashes and freshly coloured, blow-dried hair. My hairdressers are such sweethearts, they took such good care of me yesterday arvo, even giving me an umbrella as a Christmas gift as I tottered out the door in my uncomfortable stilettos.

I dragged DD along to Ovolo in the sweltering heat (he doesn’t cope well with the sweltering heat) and we sipped on French champagne and salted caramel espresso martinis (oooh-er!), snacked on oysters and dumplings and generally felt pretty spesh for the night.

We even bumped into some of my old colleagues: Ute from my Cosmo days and Helen from my Escape days.

They’re sweethearts too.

DD was very impressed to see a few stars wandering around the opening: Marcia Hines and Jessica Mauboy. I even managed to score him a selfie with Marcia in the background.

I’m a bit worn out from all the festivities so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking …




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