I got it kinda right

I predicted on Friday that something fun would happen over the weekend and that I’d make a pork casserole.

I got it kinda right and kinda wrong.

Saturday went by in a total blur, with me creating a website for a friend. I chose a free WordPress template to keep the costs down and its primary colour was forest green, which was a bit blergh and didn’t suit my friend’s business. I powered on, thinking it would be no biggie to change, as I’d easily done it for The Thirsty Travellers. But I’d forgotten that I’d paid for the other template, which provided access to certain fancy privileges that free ones don’t offer.

Changing the colour turned out to be a HUGE pain in the butt. I spent hour after hour trying to work it out. I even started fiddling with altering the code, which made me feel very geeky and techy … but it only worked on certain bits of green and not on others. Very, very frustrating.

Then my sister called inviting me to lunch on Sunday. She’d been planning on having friends over on Saturday night, but they had to cancel at the last minute, so she was left with yummy bread and gourmet ravioli and the most delicious mango and strawberry tarts. So she asked if DD and I would like to help eat all the food. Yes!

It was lovely, as it’s been a long time between visits and soothing soaks in her spa due to COVID-19. It’s been so long that I was worried I’d forgotten the code to get into her house. Luckily it was still lurking around in the back of my mind, meaning I could let myself in like I owned the place as per usual.

However, the long lunch meant the pork casserole was no longer on the menu for dinner, so it will have to wait until this week sometime. I might pop a disc of pastry on top of each serve to pass it off as pot pie to the fussy kids.

Aside from that, my weekend was blissfully stress free. I went to Bunnings to look at tiles for my powder room. DD popped in before lunch yesterday to sand the fake blood out of the top of my oak dining table (don’t ask) and hang the youngest’s new mirror up on her wall. End of story. Weekend over.

I think it did me good to not do or stress much. I was very cheerful on Sunday and kept joyfully hugging DD in between brushing all the sawdust off him.

Although part of me felt guilty to be so happy when the US is going to hell in a hand basket. I’ve been so sad reading harrowing stories by innocent black men who’ve feared for their lives after being swarmed by police and accused of committing crimes.

A photo that resonated for me was one of white women forming a human chain to protect black protestors from the police in Louisville. How incredibly brave and strong of them.

I don’t know that I’d be so brave. And I fear for the future of the US. I hope something good comes out of all the horror. These here are crazy times.

Now I’m off to do the thing in the main photo to remind myself of the beauty in the world. Though all the clouds might rain on my sunrise parade. Ah, well, the coffee’s still good.

Song of the day: Phil Oakey “Electric Dreams”


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