Get off my cloud

I need to do some major unsubscribing. My email inbox is up to 73,968 unread messages. Eeek!

Yesterday’s messages – all deleted unread – included:

“Your Dream Puffer Has Landed” … who has dreams about puffers???

“Hotel Day Spa Pampering In Warwick Farm from $99” … blergh, no thanks.

“8 New Tequilas You Should Be Drinking?” … I think I’ll stick to wine.

“Asian Americans Are Digital Elites” … good for them, but whatever.

“Here comes new Chloe” … I didn’t care about old Chloe.

“Door ready to open at Old Bundy Tavern Today” … erm, OK, that’s nice for Bundabergans.

“Event Planners need To Rethink How They Pitch For Business” … poor them.

And “Hacked Toll Data Resurfaces On Dark Web” … sounds like the plot for a bad telemovie.

On the other hand, I will be VERY excited to get an email from the builder with my finalised mini-renovation budget.

You will be unsurprised to hear that I’ve gone with a completely different plan to every other one I’ve told you about.

It popped into my head late on Wednesday night ahead of his visit yesterday to finalize the previous plan.

The builder is a very patient man and even made a few suggestions for additional changes himself that would improve the final result without torching my wallet. He works on a TV renovation show, so all that time on set must have rubbed off.

The new, new, new, new plan involves an internal laundry, a granite kitchen island bench and a powder room.

Admittedly it’s only a “powder room“ because we decided it was too hard to fit in a shower and make it an “en-suite”, but it sounds sexy.

Woo-hoo! Stay tuned for the before and after pics, they’re going to be very exciting. Well, perhaps not so exciting for people who’ve done $500,000 renovations, but they’re bloody brilliant for not-even-$50,000 budget version me.

Have a great weekend. Mine is currently a mystery to me, but I’m sure something fun will happen, including a delicious-sounding slow-cooked pork casserole that my sister-in-law Deb sent me the recipe to try (one plus to not being divorced after all this time is that I still have two fabulous sister-in-laws).

Song of the day: Rolling Stones “Get off my cloud”



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