That’s a first

Reactions to the photo of my shattered oven door have been fairly whoa.

“I’ve never known anyone to break an oven like that,” said my mum’s bestie.

“Insanity – never heard of that happening,” said a friend.

“Ohh god, that’s not good,” said the youngest.

“I Googled it and that almost never happens,” said the eldest.

“You have the worst luck,” said my sister.

“FFS,” said DD.


I’m quite fond of cooking things in the oven. I have two beef briskets in my fridge that were destined to become pulled beef tacos and slow-cooked brisket pies this week. Plus, the eldest needs to bake shrinkies for a new earring collection to raise money for #blacklivesmatter causes.

So I trudged into my local discount appliance store yesterday to buy a new one.

I showed the oven salesman the photo of the exploded door and he said: “Wow, in my 11 years of selling ovens I’ve never seen that happen before.”

He called over his colleague to look at the pic and she expressed similar surprise and awe.

I told them it was an Everdure and they both nodded sagely. Effing Everdure kitchen appliances seem to be generally acknowledged as shite. You may vaguely recall I had an Everdure dishwasher that was a complete pile of crap and got tossed in a recent council clean up. Stick to making fricking barbecues Everdure.

The salesman tried to upsell me on a new oven, but I cried (not literally) poor and opted for a Westinghouse that was on sale. It still cost $900 including delivery, installation and removal of the old shite one.

There were slightly cheaper models, but it turns out I have unexpected desires in my oven knob styles – I like three simple ones, not two complicated ones. So I paid $100 more for an extra knob.

On the upside, it’s being delivered and installed tomorrow. Oh, and I no longer have to clean the old one, woo-hoo! It had been haunting me on my to-do list for months … flung!

Plus, as another of my mum’s friends pointed out, I can probably claim it on insurance, which I never think to do.

Must get onto that.

In other news … I watched Crazy, Stupid Love again last night. It was SO GOOD. I may have cried over that instead of my shattered oven. Six out of five stars. Such a great cast.

Song of the day: Spandau Ballet “True”







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  1. I have had that happen too! It was years ago with an expensive (for the time) model of oven. Door just exploded and showered glass everywhere! It happened in the same situation as well, transferring a casserole from the stove top to the pre-heated oven. Everyone else just shook their heads.

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