This is what I’m talking about

I have a heavy heart and I need to distract myself. So I’m going to prattle about celebrities today instead of the big stuff.

Here goes … Remember me blogging about  Bruce Willis and Demi Moore quarantining together with their kids during COVID-19?

Daughter Tallulah explained at the time: “We made the choice to quarantine together and have been together for 27 days taking every precaution. Please stay inside and wash your hands!”

Some people thought it was slightly odd, considering Bruce and Demi divorced in 2000 and he’s been married to model Emma Heming since 2009. Emma and Bruce have two daughters together, but they didn’t join the quarantine gang at first because of a health issue with one of the kids. Emma noted on one Insta pic “love and miss you guys”.

By all accounts Emma and Demi get along very well. Demi even attended Emma’s wedding to Bruce and was there again when the pair renewed their vows in 2019.

And last week, the two women posed for a happy snap to celebrate Emma’s birthday (pictured main).

My long-winded point …. I spoke recently about the type of stories I think a different breed of weekly magazine could run. This is what I’m talking about, not some manufactured story about Bruce leaving Emma to reunite with his ex wife, which I’m sure the National Enquirer would have published after the matching stripey pyjamas pic emerged.

I think an article about Bruce and Demi’s approach to post-divorce life and how it’s shaped their focus on family during COVID-19 would be awesome.

I love that Bruce and Demi have put their differences aside to ensure their kids are safe and secure.

It’s a top yarn. There are heaps more of them around in the celebrity world. There’s no need to make stuff up.

Real stories about celebs … now there’s a new idea.

A publisher told me about six years back that it wasn’t possible to fill a weekly magazine with real celeb news and views, without a single paparazzi pic making fun of their cellulite.

I think it is possible. Whether people would buy it is a whole other story.

Song of the day: Spandau Ballet “True”

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