Quarantining with your ex

Relax, I am NOT quarantining with my ex during COVID-19. I can’t even contemplate such a convivial scenario.

But apparently it’s becoming a bit of a thing in the US. Can you imagine sitting around the dining table, playing Scrabble with the woman who replaced you?

Nup. But I hope my ex and his missus are very happy together in home isolation, I really do, because I am.

Well, I’m not happy in home isolation, but I’m happy to have DD in my life. And, in a funny way, I owe that to them. However, that doesn’t mean I want to dress up in matching stripey jammies like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

The extended Willis-Moore family have announced they are quarantining together during the current health crisis. And they’re sharing happy snaps on Instagram.

Daughter Tallulah confirmed: “We made the choice to quarantine together and have been together for 27 days taking every precaution. Please stay inside and wash your hands!”


Bruce and Demi divorced in 2000. He married model Emma Heming in 2009 and they have two daughters together.

Oddly, Emma hasn’t joined the quarantine gang – she noted on one Insta pic “love and miss you guys”. And she commented on another one: “Not many can pull that color off! Lookin good squad.”

So there’s a very secure, understanding, modern woman.

Emma and Demi reportedly get along very well. Demi attended Emma’s wedding to Bruce and was there again when they renewed their vows in 2019.

Sorry, but I won’t be doing that either, should my ex finally get around to divorcing me and marrying his gilfriend.

But I love Bruce and Demi’s approach to post-divorce life. It shows a lot of self-awareness to be able to move on from the mistakes you both made and do what’s best for your families.

So many separated families struggle with that. And I hope people won’t use the excuse of COVID-19 to limit their kids’ contact with their co-parent. Of course, in this unprecedented health crisis, there will be certain circumstances that require a recalibration of the co-parenting scenario. And we are definitely in uncharted waters on this one. But imagine not being able to see your kids during these long, scary days – that would be heartbreaking.

My ex and I are continuing with our current arrangements. The kids switch between our houses each week and I think that’s a good thing, because I worry about their mental health suffering during home isolation. At least going to their dad’s place means they’re getting a change of scenery, or at least a change of bedroom walls.

Speaking of walls, I have my fingers tightly crossed that my garage will be gyprocked next week, ready for its conversion into an art studio. The garage doors arrived yesterday morning, which was very exciting. They look AWESOME.

And the eldest’s desk finally materialised from the Toll warehouse.

So we are hopefully on track. Stay tuned for happy snaps.

And now we’re poised to celebrate our first Easter in iso. What a strange new world we are living in!

I hope your Easter is a happy one, despite COVID-19 casting a shadow over it.

Boredom may lead me to blog on the public holidays. Stay tuned and take care.

Song of the day: Roxy Music “Let’s stick together”







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