Doing your homework

The youngest announced at lunchtime yesterday that she’d just been given DT homework on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. She had to make and photograph lasagne by 3pm.

What. The. Actual?

I may have become a little shouty about the school expecting a lasagne to be whipped up at short notice during home isolation.

I finished my Easter grocery shopping on Wednesday. I stood in a very long, socially distanced queue outside Woolworths. I had no desire to return and stand on those coloured floor dots.

It’s enough to drive a locked down mum to day drink Easter Bunny espresso martinis … any excuse …

The youngest reassured me that she was allowed to improvise with the recipe, but I still didn’t know how the bleeding hell we were going to rustle up the ingredients produce something even vaguely resembling lasagne.

And then I started doing a bit of mental pantry and fridge searching and went … hang on!

We were meant to have san choy bau for dinner last night. So we had pork mince. There was some milk in the fridge door that expired about a week ago, but smelled OK when I made mashed potato with it on Wednesday night. We didn’t have mozzarella, but we had some shredded Coon. We had onion. We had garlic. We had some rigatoni.

So the youngest made a lasagne pasta bake for dinner and I didn’t have to lift a finger. It was quite delicious.

And I ended up feeling grateful rather than miffed about the crazy homework.

Now the loooooong days of school holiday home isolation have begun.

I have absolutely no idea how we will fill them. I’ve asked to have Fridays off so I can at least lie around bored with the kids rather than ignoring them while I type away madly on the computer.

I will need a new routine.

The old COVID-19 routine has been looking like this:

5.30am: wake and read the COVID-19 horror stories that happened overnight – New York is totally freaking me out

6.30am: publish blog post

6.45am: take dogs for walk to get coffee

7.30am: start work

9.30am: have shower

10am: continue work

11.30am: have lunch while working

5pm: take dogs and youngest child for walk

6pm: make dinner

7pm: watch tellie

9.30pm: go to bed.

And repeat every freaking Monday-Friday.

It’s been a blast.

But at least I’ve been safe at home. Count my blessings and all that.

I hope your Easter isn’t too shabby.

Catch you next week.

Song of the day: “Mad world”

It makes me feel sooooo old, but this is a very sweet video by the bloke from Tears for Fears and his daughter



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