Making my fortune

I popped a cherry on Saturday: I sold something online.

I posted the youngest’s old desk on a local buy, swap and sell Facebook site and sold it within a few hours for $100. The woman didn’t even haggle, just paid what I’d asked and took the desk away before dark. Go her! Go me!

I immediately started scouting the house and earmarking additional items to offload to make my fortune.

I’m keen to sell the antique dressing table in my bedroom, a high bar table and three bar stools in the kitchen, a Paloma gas heater and my art deco lounge suite. I was rubbing my hands together at the prospect of all that cash, working out the price tags for each item.

And then I noticed that other people’s items on the page didn’t seem to be selling … and I wondered if I’d just offered the right thing at the right time – desks are in short supply right now due to all the home schooling.

So I’m not sure I’ll be quite so lucky with my other rag tag stuff.

But I might give it a whirl. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

There’s not really much else to report during these long, dull days of COVID-19. Other than my sadness that we’ve lost a Goodie to the pandemic. Vale Tim Brooke-Taylor.

I’ve been for a million and one walks to pass the time. Sometimes I go on three a day. I might need to start taking Nurofen at night – all the walking is making my hip play up (how ooooooooold does that make me sound?!?)

When I’m not walking, I’m putting the dishwasher on. I’m averaging around two loads a day, as the kids make an endless parade of homemade waffles and acai bowls and bake bread and reheat Malaysian takeaway.

Living my best life and all that.

Today’s excitement will be leaf blowing the cobwebs and dirt out of the garage in preparation for the new doors being installed. Hubba hubba.

But I am still feeling well and I’m lucky to be living in a country that – so far – seems to have a low rate of infection.

The thought of Australia opening its borders again to tourists messes with my head a little, as does Aussies being brave enough to go overseas themselves.

A friend noted to me: “I think international travel to places like Asia and, sadly, NY will be seen as something adventurers do. People willing to take a risk.”

We were so carefree with our travels before. I can’t quite believe those days are gone. I hope they’re not gone forever.

And I hope your Easter wasn’t too shabby.

Song of the day: Transvision Vamp “I want your love”


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