What you see

I took a half day off on Friday and another on Monday, so I’m a bit frantic catching up on work.

I’m keeping the words in this blog post to a minimum and sticking to the visuals.

Since we last spoke, DD took an arty fireside whisky photo for me for The Thirsty Travellers:

Click here to read about our Westward Whisky Tasting.

I gave in, got my hair coloured and startled myself by taking a selfie that didn’t make me look like an old hag:

And I spent a couple of days hanging out with my sister in law, talking non stop, eating delicious food and drinking wine while practising our social distancing skills:

Thank you Deb, you’re a good woman. I’m so lucky to have enjoyed your friendship and support over the past 25 years.

Normal HouseGoesHome service will resume tomorrow.


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