Little dreams

I forgot to tell you – a burly family popped over to my house on Saturday, hefted my art deco lounge suite into a trailer and drove it away. One of the blokes was so burly he simply wrapped his arms around an armchair, straightened up and strode out the door with it.

The family had seen my ad on Facebook Marketplace. They wanted the lounge for a 50th birthday party. I didn’t ask too many questions, other than whether they’d like a free gas heater to go with it … yep, they happily took that too. I was a bit worried about what will happen to the lounge during and after the party, but I’ve decided to put it out of my mind. The suite and I had 25 happy years together, but it was time to move on.

So I’m currently working from home in a dusty, half-empty room with the dogs at my feet staring up at me mournfully because I’ve removed their favourite place to sleep.

Soon, hopefully, the room will become my bedroom and the fur babies will be banished from it. My computer will move into the kitchen and all my dreams will come true.

Nah, they won’t.

My dreams are a little more elaborate than moving my computer into the kitchen. But the back room is light and sunny and I need more light sunniness in my life.

It’s a bit hard to actualise other dreams right now with Australia battling COVID-19 and states deciding New South Welshmen and Victorians can’t be trusted to cross their borders.

Speaking of New South Welshmen, I finally managed to read a fair bit of a book called Girt – passed on to me by DD many moons ago – over the weekend.

It’s a cracking yarn about the history of Australia, merging humour with horrifying facts.

Read a few chapters describing the conditions during early settlement in Australia and you’ll quickly decide COVID-19 is a walk in the park. There were some very, very unpleasant types roaming Sydney in its early days. Such a brutal time to be alive.

I thoroughly recommend it as a rollicking history lesson.

Speaking of travel, the youngest and I were a little despondent last night when a message popped up on my phone, reminding us that our Ottawa hotel check-in was today for the World Skipping Championships. Sad face.

But it’s good news that Queensland is opening its borders at last! That’s progress on the domestic front.

Oh the places/islands I’ll go! When I win the lottery … erm, when I buy a ticket …

Song of the day: Eurythmics “Sweet dreams”




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