The wedding rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal was everything – and nothing – I hoped it would be. I’d half expected mint juleps being sipped by elegant Southern belles, what I got was a friendly, down-home feast. Held on a ramshackle wharf called Crosby’s Dock, there was a vat of vodka and mint infused punch, endless cans of beer […]

Feeling blue

When we lived in New York, I discovered a cheap and cheerful airline called Jet Blue that got us to Orlando and Cancun for a fraction of the price the other airlines were charging. And they’ve done us good service again to Charleston, well, aside from running 90 minutes late on their departure time (so […]

It’s over

Four days in New York goes pretty bloody fast. This morning we’re heading to the airport for an 8am flight to Charleston. Working backwards, that means getting up at 5.30am. Yawn. I remarked to Husband that I think we’re getting too old for short, long-haul holidays. We just don’t have the stamina anymore. Yesterday we […]

Orphans and dirty gossip

Being the cultural philistine that I am, if I’m going to see a play it must have someone famous in it. And the only time I go to see plays is in New York. So that’s three plays in the past 20 years. I saw Molly Ringwald in Cabaret. I saw Eddie Izzard in the […]

Guilt-edged shopping

Talk about conflicting emotions – I’m sitting on my hotel room bed, watching news reports about the Boston Marathon bombings surrounded by my extensive New York purchases. It feels really wrong that life goes so blithely on. But, as a reporter noted from Times Square, New Yorkers have not allowed themselves to be paralyzed by […]

Terror in New York

So I get an email from my sister last night: “All ok over there ?? Lara just mentioned she had heard that NY was in lockdown after the Boston bombings?” Ohhhh, so that’s why there were police everywhere. Welcome to New York, on terror alert. You know how I was saying it felt like I […]

New York, New York!

Only 30 minutes into my flight from Sydney to Seoul, it all came flooding back …. Stop the plane I want to get off! My god I hate flying. I turned to Husband and said: “I am never flying anywhere ever again.” He smiled and nodded and paid me absolutely no attention because that’s what […]

Lost Seouls

A word of warning for the naive traveller: Inchoen the Korean suburb isn’t remotely close to Incheon the Korean airport. Catching a train to Incheon station, hopping in a cab and asking the driver to take you to the Incheon Regency Hyatt is a bit like arriving at the Christmas Islands and asking for a […]

I’ve abandoned my children

Or have they abandoned me? I’m not quite sure. They were so distraught about me leaving them for 10 days with their aunty and cousins that they couldn’t even bring themselves to come and wave goodbye. Actually, they couldn’t be bothered. I got a reluctant hug from each daughter, together with a “bye mum” and […]

Househunting goes global

Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. Husband has sent me the most amazing property porn link. You simply type in your budget and it shows you houses you could buy in your price range all over the world. If you are anything like me when it comes to property … You. Will. DIE. (Happy.) Click here to […]