The week from heaven … and hell (with ninja badgers)


The jetlag has finally lifted … I’m back in my normal up at 5am routine (how can that be “normal”?) … and it’s almost hard to believe that this time last week I was living it up in Charleston, South Carolina.

Here’s a little recap in case you missed the good bits (it won’t take long, most of the week involved walking-through-treacle-style recovery):

Read about the wacky wedding rehearsal dinner we attended in the American South here.

Read about the wedding itself here. Unfortunately I didn’t include a pic of the Ninja Badgers (above) as I thought Husband would be cross, but he wanted to know last night why I didn’t include it … so here it is … it’s a re-creation of a pose they did when they were studying together at Columbia University. They were doing something called the Knight-Badgehot Fellowship, so their nickname was (and still is) the Badgers. The guy in the blue suit was the groom at the wedding.

Read about our last day in Charleston here, including my disappointment that I didn’t get to eat Southern fried chicken except in a taco and my tears as I toured the slave huts at a plantation.

See a picture of how I felt after my 36-hour trip home finally ended here, with a bit more jetlag misery here.

A jazz band serenaded the couple after the ceremony as they walked to the reception.

And don’t forget to check out my favourite holiday happy snaps here. Just click on the room service pic and the whole thing will come up as a nice gallery for you to peruse.

So what’s ivillage been up to in my absence?

There was a story about a four-year-old girl in the UK who is receiving psychiatric treatment for an iPad addiction, it includes my blog, My parenting is experiencing technical difficulties. 

iBlog Friday continues – please send your entries and support the blogs who’ve been included. Aussie bloggers need you!

Reese Witherspoon got arrested. Reese Witherspoon! I still can’t quite believe it. Check out her mugshot here.

Ever despaired about the mess your kids make? This gallery of pics will make you feel so much better …

I made Anzac bikkies on Thursday, did you? ivillage explained why it’s important to tell kids about the meaning of the day, together with a yummy recipe.

Three of the most-read items of the week were about a hilarious dancing babies video that’s gone viral, a woman who reckons her husband will divorce her if she puts on weight and a father answering his daughter’s distressing question: “Daddy, am I pretty”

So, how’s your week been? Did I miss anything? Keep me in the loop …

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