11 adorable under-the-sea treats

We’re a little ocean-obsessed here in the Household. The kids adore a splash in the waves, I never feel more at peace than when exploring the rockpools at Merewether Beach, homemade fish fingers are the family’s favourite dinner … the eldest even has an under-the-sea themed bedroom complete with fish swimming on the walls and a hula skirt around the bed base.

I’ve had a box of pool party themed partywear sitting in the attic for years and I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll finally get to use it later this year for the eldest’s birthday. And I’ve been doing my research on what party food I’ll serve (because I’m slightly crazy like that). How cute are these ideas I’ve discovered?

These clam cookies from Spoonful are so sweet – I love them!

Look at what you can do with a packet of Smarties, lots of food colouring and some cupcakes … great idea Mommy Make a Cake.

How to make a sandcastle cake--super detailed (and non-technical) tutorial for making a darling sandcastle cake.  Perfect for a beach or mermaid themed party, or even a casual beach wedding!

Get a step-by-step tutorial on how to make an amazing sandcastle cake at Living Well Spending Less.

This would be 'killer' coming out of a veggie dip bowl – great for an "Under the Sea" theme! @ Brittany Pavlovic. Makes me think of Zander :)

How cool would it look to have this guy emerge from a bowl of dip? From Follow Pics.

This crab croissant from Cute Food For Kids is adorable.

These fish jellies would be so easy to make, from Babyology.

Fish Bowl Gelatin

Or go for a whole bowl, as Martha Stewart suggests.


Dab hand with a carving knife? You could give this watermelon shark a whirl … from the National Watermelon Promotion Board (with step-by-step instructions).

fish punch

Serving punch filled with fish ice cubes – available from IKEA – is a great idea from Apartment Therapy.

fish and chips

If you can get your hands on some Goldfish crackers (super popular in the US), these fish & chips from Mom & Munchkins are hilarious. Arnotts shapes have also released an under-the-sea variety – not sure if it was just a limited offer.

Learn to make octopus hotdogs at Lunch In A Box.

What party themes do your kids love?

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