Put a ring on it

A strange thing happened in the Household last night.

The kids normally skedaddle the moment they finish the last mouthful of their dinner. They race back to their bedrooms to watch tellie and listen to podcasts on their phones.

I pack the dishwasher, settle onto the green velvet couch with the dogs and watch Netflix.

But the youngest stayed at the kitchen bench last night Googling subscription boxes. She fancies having regular deliveries arrive on her doorstep each month.

The eldest hung around too, offering advice on the various boxes. As they perused a jewellery one, the eldest mentioned wanting a moonstone pendant. I said “Oooooh, I have a moonstone bracelet somewhere that my first boyfriend gave me!”

I turned the house upside down looking for the bloody thing. I think it’s packed away in one of my many storage boxes. I could only find my grandmother’s old jewellery box, filled with antique rings and her costume jewellery; plus a plastic tub filled with old bits and bobs of mine.

There was even a silver ingot star sign pendant – remember those from the early 80s?

The eldest snaffled a ring and pendant (pictured below) from Love & Hatred. Love & Hatred is a jeweller that’s been based in the Strand Arcade in Sydney for yonks. Back when I had lots of disposable income – ie before kids – I bought a few pieces there.

My ex even got my engagement and wedding rings there. I promptly almost lost the engagement ring – which had only just been presented to me in Paris and looked a bit like the rose gold one in the main pic – in a bathroom on the Pilgrim Trail in Spain. Oooops.

I’ve never been very good at remembering the fripperies. Things like putting on jewellery and perfume don’t come naturally. Even my makeup is perfunctory. I have no idea why. It’s definitely not genetic – my mum is a maestro at all that stuff.

But something about Love & Hatred spoke to me. It was established in 1983 by Giovanni D’Ercole and has – according to its website – garnered a loyal following amongst international celebrities, musicians, artists, creatives and those with an eye for unique style.

I was so on trend.

There are a few too many skulls and witchy stuff in the range now, but I still fancied some things when I had a sticky beak.

Anyways, I think the eldest was just trying to avoid studying for the HSC trials and the youngest was sick of watching Gilmore Girls for the 500th time. The kitchen was warm and they fancied some company.

It was really nice to have them hang around, so I sacrificed my Netflix watching and stayed close by.

I think I finally drove them away when I clicked on the latest Facebook video from Jimmy Rees. He’s a little polarising. The kids and DD aren’t fans, but I love him. The vampires make me giggle.

All the states yelling at each other made the kids’ ears hurt.

I suppose what I’m trying to say today is that while COVID-19 lockdowns are driving everyone crazy, there has been the bonus of more family time.

Gotta embrace those silver linings.

Song of the day: Beyonce “All the single ladies”

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  1. I remember Love and Hatred! I used to window shop there a lot in the 90s. I was really drawn to it but never bought anything. Glad to hear it’s still there, might just have to have a look when I’m next in Sydney (which will happen sometime!). Oh and speaking of losing things, my ex lost his wedding ring not long after we were married, while swimming at Neilson Park – it would still be at the bottom of the harbour I’m sure. Along with my grandmother’s first engagement ring (a long story)!

    And Jimmy Rees is brilliant!

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