That was weird

Remember how my kids started yammering to each other in Swedish at the dinner table last week … then hung out in the kitchen with me for hours earlier this week? Well they’ve gone for the trifecta of weird behaviour.

They asked me to drive them to the local netball courts last night so they could go skating together.

I’m very confused.

My children don’t skate together. They barely talk to each other.

What’s going on?

Although the eldest did give the youngest a fourth ear piercing recently, maybe that kicked off the bonding. I was so thrilled to see them spending time together that I set aside my disdain for multiple ear piercings in grotty bathrooms. Though I’m still very please don’t about the eldest wanting to pierce both his cheeks.

Actually, now I come to think about it, lots of weird things have been happening with my kids.

The eldest finished his trial HSC yesterday and bounded cheerily out of his room to inform me it had gone well.

I asked if he wanted to come for a bushwalk on the weekend and he said no, because he needs to finish off his major works.

The youngest announced at dinner that she plans to eschew all single use plastics when she moves out of home. (Until then, she appears to be happy to buy endless items on the internet that arrive wrapped in acres of plastic and cardboard.)

Teenagers are confusing, contrary creatures.

I hope the weird normality means my kids are doing OK despite this miserable, never-ending lockdown.

I almost yelled in horror at the NSW Health press conference yesterday with its 1000+ case numbers.

Take me back to May when I was blissfully cruising the Kimberley mask free.

Will we ever be mask free again?

And why the hell aren’t my kids eligible to be vaccinated? One of them works in a bakery twice a week serving customers – she’s only 15, who knows when they’ll open it up for her. It’s all very well that I’m double jabbed, but I just sit in front of my computer or go for walks.

Enough with the mooching. I need to focus on the positives: my house is a fairly happy one, all things considered.

Song of the day: Bruce Springsteen “Dancing in the dark”

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