Claret snapping

It's hard being me. I went on yet another shopping trip yesterday to restock the pantry to feed my voracious teenagers. When I got home, I checked my emails and found a message reminding me that I had a virtual cocktail making class at 6pm. I'd totally forgotten, despite there being an actual paper diary... Continue Reading →

Freezing it out

I hit the emotional wall yesterday, as I think we all have during lockdown. So DD bought me Singapore noodles for lunch, enticed me into a wetsuit and took me swimming in the ocean. It was VERY cold in the water and very sweet of him to join me. He was shivering big time and... Continue Reading →

Surf & turfed

The radius for exercise shrinks from 10km to 5km in Sydney today, so I took the youngest for a last swim at Freshwater Beach on Sunday. I'm really worried about the effect the lockdown is having on everyone’s mental health, especially young people. I wanted the youngest to feel the (icy cold) surf on her... Continue Reading →

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