Spinning our web

I figure you must be sick of my COVID whining, so I’m blogging about fun stuff today.

I got a lovely email from Andrew, the bloke who helped organise our Kimberley cruise. He said: “I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know we’ve added a permanent link to The Thirsty Travellers on our Kimberley Cruise Specialists webpage.”

How cool is that?

On the website it says: “Alana and David from The Thirsty Travellers recently cruised the Kimberley aboard Reef Prince. You can check out their voyage log detailing their expedition on the below link.”

Below the link he posted is this photo of some older people aboard the Reef Prince, who could be mistaken for us … so aside from readers thinking we’re 10 years older than we actually are, I’m stoked.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to make a living from travel? A dream come true!  

DD continues to send me campervan conversion videos from Tik Tok and I have a long list of bucket list destinations I want to visit if the State Premiers ever manage to agree on a reopening plan.

But I promised this post would be positive, so moving right along …

The only thing missing is the money to finance the trips … oh, and an 80% vaccination rate. Although, I was very pleased to read on my suburb’s community Facebook page last night that 80% of eligible local residents have had their first jabs. Go us!

Speaking of money, I sooooooo wish I could buy a building that’s currently for sale in Watt Street, Newcastle. I have been giddily gazing at the interior photos of it for days and imagining how I would glam up the roof terrace.

Its immaculate original features speak to me.

The only thing missing from the place is parking … dammit. Oh, and a few stray million dollars in my bank account to buy it.

It’s my idea of heaven. I love Art Deco buildings and I’ve always wanted to live in a “house” on top of an apartment block with a roof garden. No idea why. The floor plan could easily be adapted to feature House’s dream home.

There are some amazing rooftop gardens in New York that have inspired me. There’s even a Facebook page for them, which I just followed. Admittedly it hasn’t been updated since 2017, but it’s still pervy. This is the last one it featured …

OK, on that dreamy note, it’s time to start the day. It should be less frantic than yesterday, which included collecting eye-wateringly expensive rat antibiotics, making three dinners as part of my personal chef duties, and an impromptu commission to write an 800-word article on goal setting … with a two-hour deadline. I’ve suggested they set themselves a goal of giving me a longer deadline next time.

Hope your day has its positive moments if you’re stuck in lockdown like me.

Song of the day: Crowded House “Don’t dream its over”

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