Freezing it out

I hit the emotional wall yesterday, as I think we all have during lockdown. So DD bought me Singapore noodles for lunch, enticed me into a wetsuit and took me swimming in the ocean.

It was VERY cold in the water and very sweet of him to join me. He was shivering big time and I squealed a lot. But we both felt better afterwards. Being in the waves always sparks joy for me.

But the effects didn’t last long, as I had to return to the responsibilities and disappointments of the real world.

The real world, as Thomas Mitchell notes in “NSW COVID press conference: The most bingeable show on TV” – currently revolves around being glued to our screens at 10.55am each morning, bracing for the bad news.

“Once upon a time, ‘must-see TV’ was a label reserved only for the truly great dramas – The Sopranos, The Wire or Game of Thrones. But lately, a new type of show has us racing for the remote, COVID: Press Conference,” he writes.

The article concludes with: “Will there be another season of COVID: Press Conference?

“God, we hope not.”

Sadly, the current season is shaping up to be a very long one. Those COVID numbers in NSW yesterday were NOT good.

I continue to have serious doubts about whether putting Year 12 kids through virtual exams is a good idea. I think kids are really struggling to stay positive at the moment, even more so than me.

I wonder if we are experiencing this:

The 7 stages of [COVID] grief

  • Shock and denial
  • Pain and guilt
  • Anger and bargaining
  • Depression
  • The upward turn
  • Reconstruction and working through
  • Acceptance and hope

I appear to be at the anger stage. I have been doing a lot of ranting at people this week.

My ability to suffer fools is not quite as high as normal. Admittedly, it’s never very high, but it seems to have reached a new low.

My apologies to everyone who has been on the receiving end of my agitated babbling. My poor friend Mel copped an earful on Monday night about everything that was driving me NUTS. It was a very long list.

I think I will need to do a lot more ocean dipping to skip stage 4 of my COVID grief and move straight to the upward turn.

If you’re in lockdown, how are you going? Feel free to rant at me if you think it will help.

Oh, and I see Mrs Woog reshared her Rage Cleaning post on Facebook this week, so I’m not the only blogger with a major case of the shites.

Song of the day: Vanilla Ice “Ice, ice baby”

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