Is it genetic?

The kids and I are obsessed with getting a campervan. It’s been a major topic at dinner this week, after we discovered we’ve all been doing extensive research. Is it genetic or are we just going loco in lockdown? Who knows, but campervans are so cool. I want to circumnavigate the Australian coastline in one.... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday to him

My supercalifragilisticexpialidocious boyfriend turned ... five years older than me ... yesterday. Happy birthday to him! The plan was to take him on a VIVID cruise aboard the Sydney Harbour Tall Ships tomorrow night, but that's been screwed by COVID-19. Instead, I made him write a story for Drinks Digest during his lunch break about... Continue Reading →

So, so sad

Twitch the rat passed away yesterday and I cried buckets. I cried because my child was so devastated. I cried because Twitch was actually quite nice for a rat. I cried because I'm menopausal. I cried because it happened during this damn, never-ending lockdown and I'm over it. Aside from my own fragile emotional state;... Continue Reading →

Selling out

Sometimes it's the smallest, most random things that knock you off balance. I heard our local Italian restaurant was giving away a free pizza with every order, so I booked a 6.15pm pick-up for Saturday night and swung by after collecting the youngest from her shift at Baker's Delight. A bloke came out with our... Continue Reading →

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