Is it genetic?

The kids and I are obsessed with getting a campervan. It’s been a major topic at dinner this week, after we discovered we’ve all been doing extensive research. Is it genetic or are we just going loco in lockdown?

Who knows, but campervans are so cool. I want to circumnavigate the Australian coastline in one.

Campervan conversions are having a moment on Tik Tok according to DD. He sent me this video:

How awesome is it that you can even get them with bathrooms? The youngest and I have been arguing over whether the bathroom is necessary. She reckons you just hook a shower head over the door for ablutions and crap in the bushes or random toilet blocks.

I prefer a little more privacy and creature comfort, especially after dark.

I was checking out the three models on the Jayco website and one of them is a Renault, shudder, which is a major NO from me.

I don’t fancy taking my chances in a Fiat across the Nullarbor either, should I decide to break my circumnavigation into two halves. That means I will need to win the lottery so I can upgrade to the all-terrain Mercedes model. Floor plan and price below …

Although, the mattress looks a little thin for someone of my vintage.

There’s also an all-terrain Jayco caravan – below – that looks pretty awesome.

If you’re after more campervan porn, check out 21 Inspiring Campervan Conversions that are GOALS.

And read about the one in the main pic by clicking here. It’s a sweet ride!

Wouldn’t it be fab to run away and explore the countryside in your own tiny house on wheels?

In the meantime, I’m hoping to get the chance to explore another Northern Beaches headland at low tide this weekend. Stay tuned for the happy snaps.

I am so over this lockdown. I’ve actually been enjoying doing video job interviews over the past week because it’s been a chance to talk to someone who isn’t furry with four legs. It usually takes a few minutes to get the formal proceedings going because I’m so busy admiring their pot plants in the background and chitter chattering. It’s been so nice to see friendly faces, even if they belong to strangers that I’ll probably never encounter again.

I also had a video chat on Facebook Messenger last night with my former sister in law to commiserate as she heads into lockdown yet again in Melbourne. That was another lovely hour of interaction. Gawd knows when we’ll be allowed to see each other in person again.

The kids rarely emerge from their rooms, they’re too busy watching tellie on their phones in bed and occasionally doing online schooling. The younger generation will not only have social issues, they’ll also have very bad backs when/if the pandemic ends.

OK, have a good weekend and I’ll catch you on Monday. Well, aside from the food blog tomorrow …

Song of the day: Willie Nelson “On the road again”

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