My favourite way to start the day

I decided to play sunrise roulette on Sunday night and sleep over at DD’s place.

What side of the bed I slept on, following his recent revelation that I’ve spent the past seven years on his side?

I switched over to my side, which is the right side if you’re looking at the bed, but the left if you’re sleeping in it.

And it was fab. Well, aside from DD accidentally playing a Tik Tok video with the sound on at 2am when he woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.

DD is obsessed with Tik Tok. He gets all his recipes from it these days. He made meatloaf on Sunday night, which I was a bit hmmmmm about when he told me, having minimal previous experience with meatloaf, but it was yummy.

He matched it with a cocktail he recently discovered – not on Tik Tok – called a Limoncello Spritz. It contains Limoncello, prosecco and soda water. Also yummy.

After dinner, we watched the Olympics and he listened patiently while I ranted about the sexualised nature of women’s uniforms compared to men’s uniforms. It’s really quite disturbing how much flesh women are expected to display. I’d prefer more gender equality in attire.

I feel the same way about blokes who expect their wives to swelter around in full hijab on holidays while they’re in a pair of boardies. I think you’re either both in cossies or both in head-to-toe black robes with your faces covered … or whatever iteration you prefer in between.

OK, rant over. We hit the sack fairly early on Sunday night because the alarm was set for 6am to catch the sunrise.

It’s such a gamble as to what sort of sunrise you will see. To get a gobsmacking one you need clouds, but not too many. And they have to be high in the sky, not right on the horizon.

There were too many on the horizon yesterday, but it was still very pretty.

Here are my favourite pics:

Some brave souls were swimming at Bilgola and I was a bit envious. The youngest and I had a dip at Freshie on Sunday arvo and it was FREEZING, due to wind chill.

But I still found it exhilarating. I think I’ll take my wetsuit to the beach next time I start my day with a sunrise.

OK, I’d better get on with my interview prep – it’s a hectic week on Microsoft Teams. Stay tuned …

Song of the day: REM “I don’t sleep, I dream”

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