House Goes Motorhome

After being shown 500 van conversions on Tik Tok by DD, I’ve decided they might be a bit too snug inside.

Funky but squeezy.

So I’ve moved on to motorhome porn. Unfortunately, most motorhomes are built using Renaults (no way, no how, run a mile) or Fiats (which also make me nervous). I want something nice and solid like a Toyota.

The Discovery isn’t funky, but it’s definitely got lots of space and mod cons.

Although, the Jayco Optimum – built on a Mercedes, va-voom – comes with 4G wifi AND a washing machine …

… and a $260,000 price tag. Gulp!

Oooooh they give me such a travel bug itch, as I languish in the lockdown that’s lasting forever. I want the freedom to hit the road!

When I wasn’t Googling motorhomes, I was walking, despite being a bit physically challenged. I woke on Saturday morning with pain and discomfort in my tailbone. Probably from all the sitting you do while in lockdown Googling crazy things. It’s really affecting my range of movement, but I needed to get out of the house for my sanity so I soldiered on.

All the walks were great, but the one on Saturday with DD was particularly gorgeous. Although, there was a burn-off in my neck of the woods, so a haze hung over the coastline.

It was still stunningly beautiful. I am lucky to be able to wander along such gorgeous pathways.

DD and I grabbed some takeaway sandwiches from a cafe called Nourished near Narrabeen Bridge and walked around the Narrabeen headland to a “secret” beach called Turimetta.

Turimetta Beach is just 350m long and backed by 20 to 30m high shale bluffs. The surf very rocky and unpatrolled, but I hadn’t brought my cossie, so I was safe from aquatic harm.

Here are some photos we took along the way:

Arty flower shot by DD.
Brave fisherman.
The boyf!
I love photographing crashing waves.
Wow, what a view!
Another arty flower shot by DD.

Hope there was some beauty in your weekend too.

Song of the day: Bruno Mars “Just the way you are”

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