God has added an event

Facebook blithely notified me yesterday that “God has added an event that might interest you”.

It was an accurate assumption – I immediately clicked on the notification to check what God was planning.

It turns out he’s having a party.

Here’s the lowdown from Eventbrite: “Hello, human! GOD IS HAVING A PARTY. Will you be there?

For $7.99 you will gain access to the first ever God Pod Live Party!

ALSO! $1 from your ticket will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital!

Henceforth, God shall be holding one live Friday night party show each month.

Novel. For anyone who hasn’t stumbled across God on Facebook, he’s a US “comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh”.

Although he does note: “This is not an official representation of God. This is a satirical take on the deity and meant to be humourous”.

While he drives the US conservatives nuts, his Facebook page has grown to more than 3 million fans in six years. He’s also on Instagram and Twitter and he loves having cheerful stoushes with angry, narrow-minded people.

Here’s an example of one of his tweets:


There’s other stuff there that even raises my eyebrows slightly and would probably offend all Christians, not just US conservatives, so I’ll stop now.

I won’t be going to the God party, but he seems like a nice bloke whose heart is in the right place.

A few minutes later, my phone pinged. It was Pizza Hut sending me a text message announcing they had a new Spongebob Squarepants range of pizzas, Naturally, I clicked on that link too.

Actually, it’s not a range, it’s a pineapple sauce that takes inspiration from the cartoon character and is made from pineapple, jalapeno and sweet chilli. You can add it to any pizza you like, which is a disturbing concept, as I regard pineapple on a pizza as the devil’s work. Gross.

And THEN I got an email inviting me to the launch of the Queensland Rugby League’s new wine range, hosted by Maroons legend Gorden Tallis.

I KNOW … quite the left-field day.

The range is called Q1908, honouring the year the game of rugby league was formed at the Railway Hotel in Brisbane. It pays homage to the shared passion of the people, communities and places central to rugby league in Queensland through three wines – The Clubhouse, The Queenslander and The Cauldron. You can read more by clicking here.

Stay tuned for the taste test, they should be yummy as they’re made by an excellent winemaker – Ben Riggs.

In between, the Hothouse Kitchen whipped up slow-roasted lamb shoulder, meatballs with tomato & basil risoni; and a roast pumpkin massaman.

The day concluded with a link I didn’t really want to click on for the Census.

It’s one of that brought me full circle back to God. The religion question has set the cat among the pigeons. Tim Minchin made a video advising non-religious people to say “no religion” instead of choosing one they don’t actually follow, while others have wildly suggested it will be the end of the world as we know it if we don’t, as it will put Australia at risk of being classified as a Muslim country.

Alrighty then.

After that crazy build up, I found the census itself pretty mundane. I’m glad I’m not a statistician, as I have no idea how such a dull selection of questions gives a “rich snapshot” of the nation.

But it passed a few more minutes during this interminable lockdown.

And now it’s Groundhog Day again. I’d better struggle out of bed and get cracking. Those dogs aren’t going to walk themselves.

Song of the day: Tim Minchin “Prejudice”

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