It ends well

I’ve battled a lot with self doubt over the past week. It’s been a bit of a tough one.

People were so kind to me over the weekend, which is always an interesting one when you’re battling with self-doubt because you’re a bit yeah, nah about it – the bad stuff inside your head is easier to believe than the good stuff that’s actually being said and done.

I’m hoping that writing the good stuff down will help it sink in.

On Saturday afternoon, my parents drove down from Newcastle for a family dinner at my sister’s house. It was filled with laughter and gifts and cake.

My sister and her husband gave me the most gorgeous piece of art; the eldest gave me an enamelled frog that almost reduced me to tears because my beloved grandmother collected frogs, plus it was the first thing one of my children has bought for me as a gift with no parental involvement; I got a lovely Mimco handbag from my mum; and DD gave me a shower head that he installed later that night so I could have a shower on my birthday that didn’t involve wayward water spraying all over the walls and floor of the bathroom.

DD also baked me a brownie cake, which was absolutely delicious, he even dusted “Happy birthday” onto it with icing sugar. Bless him.

On my birthday morning, the youngest gave me a very touching card, which I hope isn’t crossing boundaries to share …

Then I went to my regular Pump class and returned to my sister’s place for a celebratory bacon and egg roll.

Later in the day, the youngest took me shopping for a new wallet, while I dipped in and out of the most lovely array of texts and messages from people on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday. They all said such nice things.

Then I drove up to see DD. His gifts to me – aside from the shower head – were three future experiences that I will share with you after they’ve occurred. He also took me out to his local French bistro for steak and frites.

Then we curled up on the couch to watch the 60 Minutes story about Kathleen Folbigg, except we didn’t realise that 60 Minutes has moved to 8.30pm these days, so we got to experience the horror that is Married At First Sight beforehand. Shudder.

As for the Kathleen Folbigg segment, I’m still processing it. I’m lairy of the media these days and there’s too much at stake this week.

So it was a funny old night, all mish-mashed together with the giddy fun of celebrating with DD and the wrench of watching 60 Minutes.

But I felt happier and more whole as I made my way home to start another week.

Song of the day: Paul McCartney “This is your birthday” (sent by DD on my birthday morning)


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