Too much is not enough

This may be a new overscheduling record for me …

I stayed at DD’s on Saturday night as a rare treat before he flew to Korea yesterday for work. We set the alarm for 6am so we could have coffee, watch the sunrise and go for a beach swim before my 8am pump class.

We sat sipping on the sand, then ran into the surf as it shimmered with the first rays of the sun. This is an actual, no-filter picture of me in the surf:

Doesn’t it look glorious?

However, the sun doesn’t rise until around 7am at the moment. So I was cutting it very fine to get to pump by 8am when I had to drive 26km and let the dogs out for a wee first. Luckily my friend Alice saved me a spot in the busiest pump class on the planet, as I didn’t skid into the room until 7.59am.

As I was leaving the gym at 9am, I got a text message from my friend Jemma saying she was looking forward to our walk at 9.30am.

I may have forgotten about that walk … but I texted back to say I was just putting on my sunscreen … as I raced home to get sunscreen and a hat and sunnies.

We were meeting at Five Dock to do the bay walk, so I was cutting things very fine again, but managed to screech into a parking spot at 9.35am.

And then we went on a 90-minute walk, which completely destroyed me and made me wish I hadn’t organised a 60-minute walk with another friend at 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon …

I was WRECKED by the time I walked the dogs at 7pm.

All that walking and I still have a buddha belly. Middle age is very unkind like that.

In other weekend news, DD took me to see the Judith Lucy vs Men show at the Opera House, which was one of my birthday gifts. Judith was very funny, although it was a little harrowing to hear about all the terrible experiences she’s had with men. I also wasn’t expecting the show to include a sculpture of her vulva/vagina. She commissioned it from that bloke who did the wall of vulva/vaginas down at Mona in Hobart.

I’ve called it a vulva/vagina because you could definitely see the … entrance. And I’m cautious about just calling it her vagina after reading about the hilarious trolling that raged on Twitter after a bloke mansplained about the female anatomy. Did you see it? Click here to read one of the articles.

Anyways, seeing Judith’s vulva/vagina was quite a surprise. As was the fact the Mona bloke sketches the vulva/vaginas in clay. Like Judith, I’d presumed it was a plonk-yourself-down-and-get-plaster-cast scenario.

On Saturday night, DD and I took ourselves to Clareville Beach for my belated birthday sunset picnic. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a sunset because there was yet another storm. But it was still very lovely to sit sipping La Boheme sparkling rose, which turns out to be DELICIOUS.

So, it was a very nice – if bloody exhausting – weekend. I just wish DD hadn’t jetted off on Sunday morning – I need more of him in my life … and another (quieter) weekend to recover …. except I won’t be getting that because the youngest is having a birthday sleepover with friends next Saturday night. Gulp.

Hope you had a good one too.

Song of the day: Billy Idol “Rebel Yell”

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