Not very classy

I’m a bit low rent and my standards are slipping with age.

I was stoked to find a Bacon & Egg McMuffin in my fridge yesterday morning.

I figured my friends Megz and Tracy must have accidentally left it behind, so I texted to check whether it would kill me … nope, it had been kept cold all day … woot … so I took it to work for brekkie and stuck it in the sandwich maker.

I hate waste. That’s also my excuse for inhaling all the leftover brownies from my birthday dinner. And my lunch was leftover pesto risotto with grilled salmon from the night before.

All of the above were nom nom.

Megz and Tracy wanted to take me out for dinner on Monday night, but I offered to cook instead. The thrill has worn off going to restaurants. I’d also forgotten it’s the festival of the youngest’s birthday this week and had bought way too many groceries.

I’ve lost my taste for fancy establishments too. The cost freaks me out; they have such weird unappetising ways of describing things on the menu these days; and I’m often ho-hum about what arrives on the table.

Steak and frites for my birthday dinner on Sunday night was yum because it was just a steak, chips, a few leafy greens and a little bowl of bernaise sauce for dipping. Lovely flavours, no fuss. Add the glass of champers and I was totes happy. Though I can’t really tell the difference between the French stuff and Aussie sparkling …

The low-key approach has invaded my wardrobe as well. I’ve always baulked at the price tags on designer gear, even when I was earning the big bucks, but I’ve taken things down a notch.

I spend most of my time in stretchy $8 Kmart skirts. When I was pondering what to wear to my birthday dinner, DD suggested I slip into one of them as he’s also become a fan. They look perfectly nice with a Witchery t-shirt or my bargain Decjuba $80 leopard-print jacket.

I know DD likes a bit of heel, so I matched Sunday’s outfit with a pair of Ralph Lauren’s I bought at an outlet store for about $30 on our awesome trip to the US three years ago. Sorted!

And I’m stoked with my latest bargain: three pairs of spectacles for $120 at Specsavers. I got a pair of reading glasses a few years ago that I never wore and now aren’t strong enough, so I reused the frames and got new lenses, plus a new long-sighted pair to replace the falling apart ones that I’ve missplaced somewhere and, luxury of luxuries, prescription sunnies instead of the fake Christian Dior ones the kids found lying in the park many years ago.

But I should get a lottery ticket because there is something I would like to splurge on: nice furniture. The hand-me-downs and IKEA specials aren’t too bad, but I yearn to live in a light and lovely beach-styled pad some day.

Something I get real pleasure from is being surrounded by homewares that make my heart sing, interspersed with gifts and kids’ artworks to give the place character.

I’ve never bought a brand new sofa  …

… Sorry, just went off into dreamland imagining how nice that would be …

And a new bed would be glorious -. the old one is making my hips hurt it’s so dodgy – with crispy new sheets.

Fluffy new towels in the bathroom would be nice too …

But those things are luxuries, not necessities. And it’s necessities that I’m focussing on right now: taking care of my kids, paying the bills.

The rest can wait.

It feels a little wrong to be whiny about wanting a new sofa when the inquiry into my friend Kathy’s conviction continues. She’s been deprived of just about everything over the past 16 years.

Megz and Tracy tell me the second day in court went well.

Megz was very impressed with the expert opinions given on the stand regarding SIDS. She also said consulting forensic pathologist Johan Duflou noted that he the believed Laura died from myocarditis and Patrick from a fit.

Unfortunately, Megz had to head home to Newcastle to her kids last night, while Tracy remains in Sydney at an Air BnB near the courtroom. It’s a little more convenient than my place, which is an hour from Lidcombe and crowded with my kiddos now.

Song of the day: Spandau Ballet “True”




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