Bound together by tragedy

It’s the moment that felt like it would never come: the inquiry into Kathleen Folbigg’s convictions begins on Monday. Next week has been set aside to hear evidence relevant to forensic pathology and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI). April 15-16 have been set aside to hear evidence relevant […]

But first we’ll live

Winter is coming. Not the season or an episode of Game of Thrones (despite the photo). I’m talking about my 51st birthday. First sign: my lovely friend Alice gave me a bottle of prosecco at Pump last weekend. She was a week early because she’s in Melbourne this Sunday and will miss our weekly workout. […]

That’s long enough

It’s been five years since my husband left me and I’M STILL FREAKING MARRIED. I’m done with this no man’s land business – I want a divorce. I didn’t want to be the one who asked for a divorce. I thought he should be the one to utter the terrible words. But he never did. Two years […]

I may be crazy

I admitted defeat yesterday and called off a catch-up with a former colleague. It was time to practice some self-care and slow down. I am tired. I keep wondering why I’m so tired. Is it because I’m having trouble staying asleep at night? Is it peri-menopause? Is it because parenting teenagers is freaking exhausting? Is […]

The unexpected milestones

Remember the baby milestones? First smile, rolling over, crawling … I’ve discovered middle age has them too: first chin hair, bifocals, bowel cancer screening kit in the mail … I hit another one over the weekend: I laughed so hard watching comedian Dave Hughes perform at Twilight at Taronga that I peed my pants. I […]

He didn’t do it

Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to me. Good things happen to me. That’s life. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I sometimes want to shake my fist at the sky and shout “Why me?” Like yesterday, when I muttered a lot of rude words […]

An artful legacy

My dear friend Wendy invited me to a very special art exhibition last night. The estate of her husband’s father, Michael Hobbs OAM (pictured below), has donated works from his extensive collection for auction to support the gallery he helped found – Artspace in Wolloomoolloo. As the Artspace website notes: “Michael’s love for Australian art […]

If I just lay here

UI spent a lot of time looking out this window over the last few days. It’s my hotel room in Melbourne. People had heaps of suggestions for me when I told them I was going to Melbourne. Go and see the Escher exhibition, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. But I didn’t want to […]

I’ve been sneaky

It’s not very rewarding being my friend at the moment. I’ve been a bit obsessed with the latest dramas besetting me. I suspect it gets a little wearing. So I’ve been on a mini-break to give myself something fun to talk about. The mini-break isn’t a financially sensible thing to do when I’m facing thousands […]

7 stages of leech

I was walking into my local shopping centre on Saturday when I felt something sticky on the bottom of my foot. I glanced down and saw blood. So. Much. Blood. It was odd and slightly scary because I wasn’t in any pain. I took a photo of the carnage for posterity and limped up to […]