But first we’ll live

Winter is coming.

Not the season or an episode of Game of Thrones (despite the photo). I’m talking about my 51st birthday.

First sign: my lovely friend Alice gave me a bottle of prosecco at Pump last weekend. She was a week early because she’s in Melbourne this Sunday and will miss our weekly workout. .

Second sign: a co-worker gave me a birthday cake yesterday. So sweet! Her birthday was in January and most of the office was away, so I grabbed a cake on the way to the office.  About four of us warbled “Happy birthday to yooooou”.

This weekend, my sister and her husband will cook me a lovely dinner, with my kiddos and hopefully my parents in attendance.

When I reminded the youngest about the celebration she looked horrified because they haven’t organised a gift for me.

Most things become my problem to solve, but not that one. I’m just gonna let it hang.

On my actual birthday, I’ll be giving the eldest a phone. They thought the timing on that was a bit rough, but it’s necessary. I got them a reconditioned iphone5 for Christmas that lasted all of a month before the screen spontaneously cracked into a million pieces. The rain this week has finished it off. It also apparently needs its battery charged around four times a day.

Total waste of $200.

So we’re off to get a cheapie red Oppo and I’ll buy myself a birthday lunch with the kiddos afterwards.

And then nature looks like getting in the way of my celebration with DD. I’m keen to park a couple of folding chairs somewhere with a view of the sunset, while we sip sparkling wine and nibble cheese.

But the weather report is for rain. Dammit.

Ah well, I’m pretty happy to keep it low key. We went all out for my 50th, turning 51 is just unremarkably old.

Although a blog follower sent me a lovely email the other week to let me know that life keeps getting better with age. She’s just fallen madly in love in her post-retirement years and says it feels fabulous … in every way (nudge, nudge, wink, wink …).

Go her!

Oh, and in other news, I was the winning bidder – at the princely sum of $50 – for that weird fish thing from the art auction I went to last week.


Ta-da …

I’m thinking its my birthday gift to myself.

Actually, it turns out that was $US50 … ah, well, still a bargain.

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Landslide” (since it’s my favourite)

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