Proof Americans take Halloween WAAAAY too seriously

Love it or hate it, Halloween is getting more popular every year in Australia. But somehow I can’t imagine it ever taking on these epic proportions.

Welcome to 10 ways the spooky occasion is celebrated over-the-top American style:

They get just a little carried away decorating their houses …

Stan Munro, from North Syracuse, New York,  has transformed his yard into the Roswell crash site. According to his friend Sue,  a fog machine leaks smoke from the flying saucer’s cracked dome every 20 seconds or so, just to make it look extra special.

And themselves …

Rob Cockerham wrote on his blog that this year he wanted to be “something something everyone loves.” So he dressed up as the whole of the Disneyland Theme Park. His son has created a very entertaining video about the whole thing. Watch it below:

Mind you, celebs are no slouches …


Check out Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s over-the-top outfits for a party they attended last Friday night. Then they turned around two days later and dressed up like this for a Halloween party Kate Hudson was throwing …


Check out more crazy pet costumes by clicking here.

Then there are the people that decide to dress up for a whole month …

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.12.06 PM

Joyce Yee was shopping with a friend when they came across a weird, oversized skull. Yee put it over her head, and although she couldn’t see a thing, she and her friend could not. stop. laughing. They took a bunch of funny photos in the impromptu costume, and “afterwards on our walk home, I couldn’t stop thinking of more photos I could do,” Yee said. So that’s exactly what she set out to make happen: She’s taking a photo every day until Halloween (or maybe longer!) while wearing the skull on her head. See more of her mad pics here. 

They carve pumpkins as love gestures …


Redditor gerny27 posted a photo of the pumpkin he carved for his upcoming wedding. After several other Redditors made comments suggesting that the photo was fake, gerny27 posted a picture of the unlit jack-o’-lantern to show his handiwork …


And also as this …


Click here to see 10 more pumpkins giving birth …

They serve gross food like this …

Emergencyfan2000 on Flikr took a Styrofoam skull and covers it with meat (sliced ham).   Above is the original Meat head, below Conjoined meatheads!  Find her “Best of Halloween food” here.

conjoined meatheads 3 SPOOKtacular Halloween party foods

They recreate Friday the 13th for their engagement photos …


Some people think flowers are romantic, others fancy candlelit dinners … and there’s Toronto couple Vanessa Lawson and Josh Morden. Vanessa had very specific ideas about how her engagement photos should look:  “We knew exactly how we wanted to die. We definitely wanted the shot of the killer standing in the woods staring at us as we held hands.” Awww romantic! See the rest of the pics here. 

On a less bloody note …


Every year, Redditor SpamDog_of_War takes a photo of his kids trick-or-treating – with a little help from Photoshop. See more of his pics here. 

Are you doing the Halloween thing tonight?

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