I’ve failed someone

Last night was a funny old night. First I had drinks with a complete stranger. No, it wasn’t an RSVP date. I met a fellow blogger. Her name is Lee-Anne and she has a lovely site called Is It Just Me? Check it out. She’s having a blogging hiatus while she works on another project, […]

Three sleeps to go!

Bloody iinet have informed me that I will hopefully maybe have internet access by close of business Friday. A mere three weeks after I moved house. Glacial. It doesn’t allow much time (or comfort) to burn CDs for my 80s party from the Cloud. Fortunately my friend Lara’s hubby is coming to the party (so […]

Shut up smug marrieds

I remember when my sister was single, before she met her Mr Right and renovated her dream house with him. I’d airily advise her: “you need to love yourself first, then someone will come along who loves you.” OK, I now understand how freaking annoying I must have been, blathering such nonsense. I mean, yes, […]

The blog you’re not supposed to write

I bought skinny jeans yesterday. And it felt goooooooood. But I’m not supposed to say that, because I should love myself no matter my size. Well, guess what? I love myself even more when I’m thin. Go stick that in your pipes and smoke it fativists. Just in case you hadn’t heard, fativists are the […]

Wonder drug

When you write a freaking blog every freaking day of your freaking life it can be a blessing and a curse. Today it’s a curse. Yes, yes, I know, I could NOT blog and the world wouldn’t end but I’m addicted aren’t I? I get all OCD if I don’t do it. And the problem […]

House needs a warming

Seven nights from now, a gaggle of school mums and (hopefully) dads (bloody Bledisloe Cup) will be dancing like loons to ’80s music in my rather small lounge room. I’ve decided House needs a Warming. And a chance to thank people for the help and love they’ve given me over the past six months. Oh, […]

SUCH a bad idea

I heard about the most terrifying thing this week. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, given my digital employment, but it did. There’s this thing called a Kik bomb, also known as a Snapchat bomb, and I reckon it’s almost as dangerous as the real thing. Kik and Snapchat are communication apps […]

How BIG is that thing?

Since it appears I’m destined to live a life less ordinary, I had a pelvic ultrasound this week. My doctor neglected to mention it would be performed in two stages: first externally, then internally. If I’d known I’d have taken a little more care with my personal landscaping that morning. When the sonographer outlined the […]

Shedding my skin

Much as I mourned Robin Williams yesterday, the person I really felt sorry for was his wife. And his kids. Their lives will feel shattered into tiny, viciously painful pieces for a long, long time. But that’s not something Williams was capable of processing when it felt like the bleakness within his soul would never […]

So THIS happened

Geez I swore a lot on Sunday night. It was a freaking disaster of epic proportions involving gross stupidity on my part. Such a pity because I’d had a brilliant day until that point. It started with sunning myself on the back steps of my friend’s place, admiring his big, old mango tree and feeling […]