I’ve failed someone

Last night was a funny old night.

First I had drinks with a complete stranger.

No, it wasn’t an RSVP date. I met a fellow blogger. Her name is Lee-Anne and she has a lovely site called Is It Just Me? Check it out. She’s having a blogging hiatus while she works on another project, but you’ll have fun digging around in her back catalogue.

Lee-Anne and I bonded over guacamole and chorizo quesadillas. She very patiently listened as I babbled and we parted a few hours later with hugs and the resolve to drag Pinky Poinker (one of Australia’s funniest bloggers) down to Sydney for a weekend of blogger bonding and laughter.

I headed home to write my blog, but a friend called the moment I walked through the door. They’re having a bugger of a time, so we talked for about 45 minutes about it all and the conversation completely messed with my head.

I like to solve problems, but I didn’t have a single piece of advice that would help.

In fact, talking about it just seemed to make them feel worse. So I hung up feeling very unsettled – that’s not what friends are supposed to do. They’re not supposed to make you feel WORSE.

And, because my own problems seem to have gone on a mini-hiatus, I went to bed and gave myself insomnia worrying about THEIR problems instead.

I swear, sometimes I reckon I’m just addicted to worrying.

So a pithy blog hasn’t been written, you’ll just have to make do with this piece of waffle, and I’ve failed in my role as Giver of Sage Advice.

Oh, and it’s started raining vigorously AGAIN. And something flurry spent the night trying to eat my roof with its vigorous, relentless incisors. Grind, grind, crunch, crunch.

Hello Thursday, I’m not loving you so far.


4 thoughts on “I’ve failed someone

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Alana – loved our catch up and will get Pinks on board for next time. So sorry you had all the post Mexican-and-drinkies stress (I went home to tea and a book!) I’ll bet your listening made a big difference to your poor friend though.

    Hope your day improves exponentially, the sun’s out now! 🙂

  2. Thank you Alana for the lovely comment. You’re too nice. I would love more than anything to come down and spend time with you girls. It’d be a hoot. And it will happen one day 🙂 Hope your day improved. You may not have been able to help your friend with advice but you put a big smile on my face.

    • It’s true Michelle – your ear stuffing post was classic. You remind me so much of a good friend of mine who is a primary school teacher. A good sense of humour is important for the occupation I think

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